Saturday, February 19, 2005

Taking tips from other players

I am beginning to have fun with chat. Guy didn't like my steal attempt. It folded to me and I raised it up. I ended up winning when 4 spades were on the board. I also bet it out on the flop and river. So when he started I played dumb like I have seen so many others do.

Kurto: raises with A6 lol
S.t.B: that is not a raising hand?
Kurto: not last I heard
S.t.B: we raise it all the time at home
Kurto: you got runner runner to win
S.t.B: did I?
Marshall28: if hes on button and nobody raises in front of him its a raising hand

So any time I was raising I typed in A 6 off Kurto.

I also think I am someone's fish list. Whenever I play the NL ring game, one guy in particular keeps showing up at the table after I sit down. Guess he didn't like it when I doubled up on him but isn't that what us fishies do?


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

This is Tigers Hat (Kevin), when you get a chance I would like to get your email address.

Like your Blog.

Seen you haven't played Badger lately.

StB said...

Send it to