Sunday, September 16, 2007

I played!

It was just a sit n go. But it was after 5 hours of beer and bourbon so that must count for something. And in a nice drunken fashion, I took it down!

I think I pissed off the guy too because I got lucky with A 5 against his 10 10 to take the chip lead when it was heads up. Once I had the lead, I knew I could outplay him. Sure enough, flopped two pair and he tried to bully me with the big bet. His middle pair was no good and I am $45 richer.

Baby steps....

1 comment: said...

Congrats on your win. A 5 is actually a stronger hand than most realize because of it's potential to make an ace - 5 straight. And if it is suited you have the potential for the nut flush also. So good hand to use to mix it up.