Friday, September 21, 2007

Short game

I think I played all of 2 hands in the RiverChasers tournament last night. I showed up about an hour and 10 minutes after the start. Hey, I was busy enjoying beer at the bar. What do you expect?

I raised with 8 8 in LP to win the blinds.

A couple hands later, I would go over the top of Astin with A Qs. My re-raise was just over a min raise so his call with J J was expected. Though I sucked out an A on the flop, the J on the turn sealed the deal and I was out.

I found myself wondering if that was the best play. I think blinds were 120/240. I believe his raise was a standard 3xs the blinds. My re-raise was to 1800 or so putting me all in. Was pushing all in the best play, or can I put basically half my chips in to see a flop or risk being re-raised by someone else?

If I see a flop with A high, there is no guarantee he folds either, though making a call there with Jacks doesn't seem too bright to me.


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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

My thoughts are, this is Astin so you basically know he's been dealt a premium pocket pair. So with a beatable hand like AQ and with the blinds high enough that any real raise commits you, I like the fold here instead. AQ with no one in yet and I think the move is just fine. But a basically allin raise with AQ against the pocket pair machine, you should be able to get better odds than that.