Friday, September 28, 2007

Live Blogging the Key West cash game

Everyone is huddled around the kitchen table at the southern resort we know as AlCantHang Key West. As Gracie feeds me pretzels, the game goes on.

Drizz goes for the quick bully move on Pauly's straddle, raising it to 7xs the blinds (25/50). Pauly doesn't like it and folds on the flop.

Derek makes the raise and 4 people see the flop. Pauly wins with his pair of jacks.

Ftrain has the straddle on. I pop it to 3. Everyone is calling. WTF? 4 7 8, two hearts. Pablo and Ftrain check. I do as well. But Change 100 bets 11. Calls by Maudie and Pauly. Hmm...rather than chase the inside straight, I fold. Well, Pablo did go all in. 5 5 is not presto today! Pable shows the nut straight. Nice flop hippy!

Let's try it again. I raise Drizz's straddle. A J can be painful. Folds around to Drizz who defends the straddle. Nice hammer flop of 7 8 2 makes my bet of 5 seem like it is begging for the call. No call and I drag a pot!

"Straddle raise, reraise. You know I have junk", says Pauly as he goads his brother to call.
"I've heard rumors..." Maudie responds to the delight of the table.
Change 100 pushes....
Drizz calls.
The action is now on Derek. He hasn't even looked at his hand. And he isn't very tempted to call right now. 16.75 is the cost to see the flop. Derek calls dark!!!

flop is all hearts, J 2 6. 8 on th turn, 4th heart on the board gives Drizz the flush as he shows 9 9. Change's aces have been cracked!!! Derek shows Q J. Drizz hangs his head in shame. Until he stacks his chips.

Pauly talks quite a bit smack while playing. He also folds a lot on the flop. Which of course means he will felt me soon.

If you haven't figured it out yet, here is the table.
Gracie is on my immediate left, with Derek on my right. Going clockwise is Change100, Maudie, BG, Pauly, Sweet Sweet Pablo, Ftrain, and Drizz.

So far I have learned you can't really live blog and play poker at the same time. If there are any tells being shown, I sure haven't been able to notice.

Derek is now in Bully mode. And BG and Pauly are determined to smack him down. Flop of Q 4 3 and BG is betting 15. Derek goes over the top for just 8.5 more and BG has to call. K Q by BG takes it down. Rebuy Derek!

I need another drink.

It is official. Sweet sweet Pablo is no more. It is now just Sweet Sweet. Thank Ftrain for that one.

Aces are no good again. This time, Derek is the victim. Pauly flops a straight and busts Changle and his bro. "Whip out them tens" Yes, please ladies, whip out those 10s!

Finally, aces hold up! Sweet sweet shows the red guys

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