Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Someone should get slapped

I am not sure exactly who should get slapped for what they showed on last night's telecast of the WSOP. It was Day 2 for both shows and we did get to see some interesting hands. Like Scotty Nguyen's quad 9s. Or Daniel Negreanu calling out other people's cards. That was just plain scary.

But, like we see all too often, we get the dickweeds. And that is where the dilemman begins. Who should get slapped, the dickweed who makes the bad play, gets lucky and wins and acts like his dickweed self because he is on the TV table, or the people at ESPN who decide to show this dickweed on their show because they believe it is good TV?

I think Negreanu should have bitch slapped the guy on his right. Dude tries to make a play with K 9s, gets re-raised and then ends up calling the all in with his flush draw that he hits on the river. Sure he was committed on the flop, but calling that bet preflop was stupid. Yelling and cheering for himself after he lucked out gave him the checkmark for being a dickweed. He should be ashamed. Instead he acts like he outplayed one of the better tournament players.

Later he would get cocky when he once again, sucked out a flush on the river. Finally, he would even make some smart ass comment when Danny boy got knocked out.

Now, I am not a huge fan of Negreanu, but I would have paid money to see him call the dickweed out and make him say that last comment louder so he could hear it and then furthermore, lay into him for being such a dickweed. That would have been good TV.

Then someone could slap the people at ESPN who think that is what people want to watch. Makes sense why those dipshits didn't hire Pauly. They didn't want to improve the show.

Maybe the thing that gets me the most is that dickweed used to be a dealer!!! He should know better about how to act at a table.

Why can't we get more stories like Kirk Morrison. Here was a guy who won a bracelet, does well in tournaments but decides to move off to New Zealand. He comes back and sees how the game has changed and how he needs to adapt. Sure they don't want to give his style of play away but I wanted to hear more of what he had to say about how the younger crowd is playing the game preflop and his strategy of seeing more flops. That would have been much better than some dickweed mouthing off.


msbuss said...

Don't forget, Mike Matusow used to be a dealer, too.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Take Hevad Khan. He was on camera for about a cup of coffee this week, and he already has shown himself to be a complete ass. And since he makes it to the final table, we can be sure to see a lot more of his asshole-ish behavior for next year's 21-year-olds to emulate.

The worst part of all this is that it wouldn't happen if there weren't TV cameras. As much as TV has helped poker, it has also hurt it by encouraging stupid behavior. By all accounts, Khan is a very talented player and a genuinely nice guy. But because he decided to put on a show for ESPN, he's going to come across as a total dick, and he'll never live that down. TV is forever, and I'll bet when he's watching the reruns of the 2007 WSOP ten years from now, he'll wish he could take it back.

StB said...

I had forgotten about the stupid dance Khan was doing. Some more foolishness to look forward to.