Thursday, September 06, 2007

What chicken???*

No, not chicken. The game is HORSE and it is on in London at the WSOP V.europe. Dr. Pauly and change100 are on the scene with the rest of the PokerNews crew.

I must give them credit for the report so far. The stories they have coming back are perfect for a slow moving limit event. German tourists sitting in. Debates between baseball and cricket, football and soccer. Jetlag for the Americans. Seriously, this may be the best way to waste time at work today and tomorrow on Friday.

* I will buy anyone a 6-pack if they can tell me what the title of the post is in reference to. Anyone beside Al and Blood that is. How I will get the sixer to you is a dilemma in its own right but there has to be a way.


BadBlood said...

I have my ways. Stay tuned.

theAxeman said...

Comes from the song 'Big Boobs,' by Metal Skool (formerly Metal Shop).


StB said...

Hmm..axeman gets it right just after Blood comments. Seems fishy.

Axeman, send me an email at and I will find a way to get the prize (or value of) to you.

BadBlood said...

I just alerted Axeman to the contest.

He's the one that got ME the Metal Shop CD, which you now have the .mp3's for.

I say it's win-win.