Monday, June 16, 2008

Good job FTrain and Iggy!

Go congratulate FTrain on his nice Razz run at the WSOP. Oh wait, it looks like most of you already have. I thought if there was one game at the WSOP that would be winnable it would be the Razz event. Too bad FTrain came up just a bit short. But look at the bright side. Had he won a bracelet, it would have pulled his arm out of its socket.

Then go congratulate the wee one. Iggy has won his way into the WSOP Main Event. Again, well done sir!

Who knows, maybe I will get lucky and win a SnG this week.

Update: One more! LJ won a seat in the ME as well!

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Mr Subliminal said...

I would congratulate the wee one, but apparently he is too short to reach the

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checkbox on his blog template. So I'll do it here.