Monday, June 09, 2008

That act don't play around here

The weekend in Vegas was just what I needed to get in a better frame of mind. Meeting up with old friends and meeting new people was what the doctor prescribed.

Not too shocking to say I had some mixed results in poker. Did well playing the NL games at Hooters, the Sahara and the IP. Made some money playing 3/6 limit with CA April at the Rio as well. It helps when the donkeys at the other end of your table don't crack your aces with J 7. The only bad session was one at Bill's Gambling Hall with Falstaff and the tournament at the Sahara where things were going well until I got frisky with J J. Ran that into A A to get knocked straight out.

I think the most interesting session was a late night stop in the Hooters poker room. I had heard a lot of local sharks like to feast on the tourists there. I am sure they were drooling when I sat my drunk ass down at around 2 in the morning. I was able to play pretty tight mainly because my cards were for shit. But then the best thing happened. A drunker player sat down. Their eyes lit up as they hoped for a chance to bust this guy out.

At first it didn't happen. The drunk guy was beating them, catching his draws and quickly chipping up. The guy had little clue on what he was betting at times. At one point, a dealer came to help him stack his chips because he was having problems doing so. She had stacked around 40 whites for the guy when the action came to him. He stared at the stack and declared, "I bet the white ones." I just about spat my beer out when he said it. Unfortunately for me, he would soon bust out.

Just after that happened I got my best hand of the night. I called a raise with 5 5 and promptly hit my set. When my opponent bet out 20, I came back with a min raise which was called. Turn was a blank. I bet out 75. He thought and called. The river was an ace. He checked to me again. I looked at the ace and accidentally said aloud, "I don't like that ace." Honestly, I didn't because it wouldn't have surprised me to see him turn up A A. I looked at the board and thought fuck it, I can crash if he caught the river. It was 3:10 and I was pretty buzzed up. So I slid my remaining 60 in. Apparently my opponent thought it was all an act because he laughed and said "That act don't play around here!" and mucked his cards. I started laughing myself, thinking this guy thought I was acting when the bottom line was I was on the drunken side. Hell, I couldn't act my way out of a paper bag.

Two more players got busted out leaving only 6 of us at the table. It was 3:30 when the thought dawned on me. The 3 locals had busted two ok players and the drunk guy. With the other drunk busting out, their eyes were on my stack. Best play I made was making a move for a rack and cashing in for just over $100.

Isn't there an old saying out there. If you don't spot the drunk at the table, it is you?


DrChako said...

You aren't a drunk unless you drink more than your doctor.

Helluva time in Vegas. Glad I got your name right this time.


Falstaff said...

great seeing you again. This non-event event was perfect for me. And I almost got unstuck on Sunday and Monday.