Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bad air beat

My airline has cancelled a bunch of flight to the west coast. Thankfully Las Vegas wasn't one of the cities it will no longer fly directly to. Unfortunately, my December flight is getting messed with. My departure still looks good but the return flight may get diverted through Indianapolis. Even worse, it may be on Northwest Airlines.

I have always flown Midwest Airlines when given a chance. The spacious seats and chocolate chip cookies are nice. It is one of the few times I feel at home in a plane. It saddens me to see they are going to mess up a good thing they had with the Vegas flight schedule.

At least the trip was free. I had enough miles to cover me so I am not out any cash. I just hope I can avoid the bad beat through Indy. I also wish I could see and book the change myself online. Having to call in to speak with someone is a pisser.

So where do we start the over/under on how long it takes me to speak with someone at the airline today?

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