Thursday, July 03, 2008

The thrill is gone

So the WSOP Main Event starts today. Like many others, I used to dream about playing in this event. Winning my way in and taking the chance.

That dream is gone. It isn't even a passing thought anymore.

Kinda like poker. I still play but not with the zeal I used to. Especially during the summer months. There is so much more to do than sit inside playing a game on a computer. I am not knocking those who do it, just saying it isn't for me.

I haven't played much lately. I actually did want to play the Skillz event but forgot about it. That along with Saturdays with Pauly may be the events I hit up the most in the foreseeable future. If the Bodog Blogger Tournament comes back I will hop on that. I should have some cash coming through on Bodog that would finance it all. As long as I don't blow it.

Good luck to all the bloggers that will be playing in the Main Event. Hope your dreams come true. For me, I have to go grab a beer and head down to Summerfest.

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