Monday, July 07, 2008

ICROW service

I was standing at Summerfest, listening to the music with a cold beer in my hand when my phone went off. It was a text from the Rooster. It was an update on Iggy's stack. As the night would progress I would receive updates on where the wee one stood.

I was not aware I had signed up for Rooster's ICROW service but I sure found it worth having.

Iggy's Chipcount Repeatedly On Wire.

Though the Rooster isn't even in Vegas, he is giving table side updates just like the best of them. Rumor is Tony G is looking to buy him out if Iggy can make Day 3.

Keep up the good work Rooster. I look forward to hearing the updates on Wednesday. Better yet, to knocking some beers back this weekend.


Derek McG said...

Blame that on me.

ellen said...

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The Tao said...

This Ellen Simpson... did you by chance contact her and find out what happened after you did?