Thursday, July 24, 2008


The internet is flush with information on poker. To some they seem all the same. It take something unique about a site to pique my interest and spend some time there. Pokerintensity is one of those sites. What makes it different you ask? Well let me tell you.

One of the first things that caught my eye on their menu was the poker room blacklist. I like it when someone can tell me what sites are crooked and that you should stay away from. They list 10 sites to avoid. One site I noticed was not listed was Absolute Poker. Shouldn't they belong on the list as well after the cheating scandal? Maybe they cover it elsewhere.

Sure enough. Click on the online poker rooms tab and there is Absolute on top. I read the review and saw what I was looking for. They quickly mention in the "Bio" of the site that they cannot recommend you play there because of the scandal. Going down the page, pokerintensity looks to have a solid review system in place. It ranges from bonuses to customer support to traffic. It covers all the aspects you are looking for. Plus it appears like some of the information is updated on a frequent basis as the traffic section has been updated this month.

Another item that caught my eye was the section on horse racing. Click on that tab and it takes you to what appears to be a sister site. They also have a list of 6 online casino and the latest news on the industry.

About the only thing they may be missing is a blog, but they make up for it in the articles section. The online poker tips area looks to house a growing list of articles on both poker and blackjack.

Take the time to check out pokerintensity. You just might pick up a nugget or two to strengthen your game.

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