Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rooster 2 StB1

Unlike some blogger gatherings, poker seems to be way down on the list of things to do. There are some cards dealt, chips tossed, and pots drug. But that usually occurs after ball games, beer drinking, bullshitting, lesbian bars, and yelling at bicyclers that have been peppered sprayed. It is a time killer, not an event. Trying to run a tournament would get in the way of drinking.

In the case of the Gentile Summit, it is a short handed game. DP’s deck isn’t that big nor is the table so it is basically a 6 handed game going on. Seeing that, I was ready to ramp up my aggression a bit to make some beer money.

It was a good cast of characters at the table at least that I can recall. DP, Rooster, Drizz, Chad and I played on Friday as we waited for people to show up. I think Joe Speaker and the Bracelet got in the mix before we left for dinner. I had a couple hours of beer in me so I can’t quite recall 5 days later. Sue me.

I like sitting down at a table with the Rooster. He is a cagey little Puerto Rican card player. Two places you always want to observe the Rooster. Card table and the bar. You will be entertained and may even learn something. I think I have a grasp for his style of play. Put the emphasis on think. He likes to play aggressively but can change gears on you quickly. That is how I view it. He will push you off pots when he feels he can but he won’t be reckless about it. You have to be careful with the Rooster or he will felt you, leaving your head spinning about how he outplayed you.

I decided to put the Rooster to the test early. I flopped an OESD. My gut told me the Rooster caught a piece of it. I called his bet just to see the turn totally miss me, but it was a nice scare card. I knew I could probably take down the pot with a nice size raise. I popped his bet roughly the size of the pot. He muttered I probably had nothing (I hear that often from him) and folded. My read was right.

StB 1 Rooster 0.

Ok, remember before how I said I think I have a grasp on how the Rooster plays? When I am right it is good, but when I am wrong it is disastrous. I was in the big blind with K 3. I believe the Rooster just limped in allowing me to see the free flop. It came K high, rainbow. I checked and called his bet. The turn was a blank. I checked again. This time he went all in. Huh? I sat back and thought. The Rooster will push you off when he thinks you can. But he will also trap you and take your cash. My gut told me he didn’t have a set. Then I wondered if he had a K. He wouldn’t go all in with just a pair of kings. It seemed like he had a pair of 10s or 9s and was pushing me off the pot. I called with my shitty kicker, exclaiming “I don’t think you have a set or a K.” I was right. He didn’t have a K. He had two. I was felted.

Rooster 2 StB1 (Felting is good for 2!)

Once again the Rooster got the best of me. I was able to make up the majority of my money in the session and then even more against one of DP’s obnoxious drunk friends so all was not lost. Yet someday I will get cage the Rooster and be the felter and not the feltee. No homo.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

My buddy Johnny Hughes taught me that play. When someone limps in from early position that should send off a radar.