Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Badger Poker...ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder.

That is what I had. Maybe I should I have stayed home to watch the Cowboys game. That was more fruitful than playing cards. It wasn’t that it was a tough table. It wasn’t that I wasn’t getting my fair share of starting hands. It was paying attention. You cannot play good poker if you are not paying attention to the many things happening at the table.

The starting table was different this time around. I only knew a couple of the players. Frito Lay was on my left. A meek guy was two over. Towel man was two to my right. A timid girl on my immediate right. Bullfrog was in the middle of the table. Guy wore glasses, was rather heavy set and looked like a bullfrog. A tight old man was on the far end by Blue. Happy hour (guy claims he was very drunk and looked like he just got out of work) and a guy with a thick neck round out the table.

The table was rather tight to begin with. Towel guy must have noticed because he tried to take over the table quickly. Towel guy can be tricky. He will raise with any two cards when he has some chips. And he isn’t afraid to keep firing away. I knew I could trap him in the right situation. If I found myself in a hand with him, I was going to play aggressively. First hand I played was with the timid girl. She had called UTG when I raised it up to 800 with A J suited. Flop came J high and I fired a pot size bet to take it down. I would play a couple more hands with just her in them. I would fire with nothing knowing that she was easily driven away. Likewise, when she raised preflop, you knew she was holding a monster.

I took down a couple of pots during the first round but never built much of a lead. Frito Lay lived up to his name pushing chips out with recless abandon. Blue played rather aggressively. The tight old man hardly played at all. Worse part was everyone’s willingness to try and slow play big cards. This is beginning to piss me off. At one point I raised the pot up with A J. Two callers, Towel guy and Happy Hour. Flop came 8 J K. They both checked. I found myself with a tough decision. I knew someone had the K. I felt that someone was slowplaying this hand, setting the trap. I was about to check but decided to fire out 2500. Sure enough, Happy Hour pushes all in. I mumbled about someone slowplaying their kings. Happy Hour showed pocket jacks. I tangled with Towel guy one other time. I defended my blind (A 5) against his button raise. Flop came K 5 6. I bet it out to try and take control. He raised back. Turn was another 6. I placed his on a pocket pair better than the fives I held and folded to his bet. Towel guy tried to slow play his aces on one hand against Happy Hour. He checked (stupid move) from the big blind to see a flop of 3 5 6. Happy hour went all in and showed K 6. A 6 hit on the turn to give him the set and crack the aces.

I only won two more pots after that. I raised with K J and bet the pot on the flop with a pair of jacks to take down 4 bets. Next hand I played off the button with 7 4 clubs to see a flop with 4 players. Flop came 5 6 9 with the 5&6 being clubs. I bet the pot again and took it down.

But the game was now on and I was having a hard time paying attention to the poker game. There must have been a couple of times where I held up the game because I was watching football. Now I was trying to decide whether I wanted to play cards or watch football. Blinds were going up and I was basically treading water. So when I saw A Q I knew I would push. Plus, the guy to my right was hesitating. He originally was going to call, then decided to raise to 4000. I pushed my 8100 in. Problem was the guy on my left went over the top of me. It folded around and the original raisor folded. My A Q was up against A K. Not good. Flop came K J 9. Now I could only get runner runner queens or a 10. Needless to say I wasn't getting any help and was watching the football game.

I should have stayed home and watched the Cowboys. They ended up winning a wild one. Wish I could have said the same thing for me.

Bagman's words of wisdom- I haven't seen the Bagman in a long time. But their is still enough stupid comments being made. One from last night wasn't that bad but still was stupid. Someone pushed all in and was called by Happy Hour. HH had K K and the other player had Q Q. The Qs said it was a coin flip. No, not even close. The kings are going to win this hand 81% of the time, hardly a coin flip.

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