Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Project SnG

This week I will be launching Project Sng. That is Project Sit n Go for the layman. A friend of mine, Frito Lay of Badger Poker fame, has been doing pretty well playing the SnGs at Pokerroom.com. I had played online there for a while in the past and had down pretty well myself. I built up a small bankroll that I would later blow trying to be a bonus whore. Kids at home: Leave the bonus whoring up to the professionals.

Yesterday I deposited $100 into the account with the intent of playing a minimum of 9 of the $10 tables. The payouts for the top 3 are $50, $30, & $20. The goal is to not only build up the bankroll playing the SnGs (no ring games are to be allowed), but if/when the roll gets over$125, to then enter a multi table tourney for the bigger cash. If the roll gets over $150, then we step up to the $10 multis. Yes, the multi table entry fees are not huge, but baby steps must be taken. The only time money will be taken out of the account will be for an entry into a blogger tourney.

Hopefully, I will be able to show actual hands as well. I have seen others do it but I am not sure how they did it (I believe it is just cutting and pasting but it can't be that simple, can it?). I also intend to play roughly each night, at least 2 tables per night, but with New Years right around the corner, expect that to be choppy.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out. Not only with any winnings, but the fact that online players are usually even worse than Badger Poker players. Some of the wacky plays I see online kill me. Other literally kill me (like having my A A cracked by the numbskull who calls the 5xs BB bet preflop with 2 2 and makes their set).

Look for the first report later tonight.

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