Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Project SnG...Pissin it away

Nothing great to report today. Played two tables tonight with no real action.

First table I was cold decked. Only hand I saw in 25 minutes was A A. Screwed it up bad when I limped with 10 9. Flop came J 10 9. I bet it out roughly pot size and was immediately raised. That should have screamed to me that he had K Q. That was my first thought. I called though. The river was no help and I checked. So did he. Was he drawing to the straight with only a K? River was a rag. The aggressive side of me went for it and pushed. It was over when he showed the flopped straight. What the hell am I doing?

Second table was a bit better. I moved up nicely with a straight. However, I pissed it away with K Q. Flop came Q 6 4. It was bet to me. I raised by accident. Turn was a K. It is checked and I bet it out for 200. It is called. River is a rag. This time he goes all in. I am thinking A K. Nope. He has pocket 6s. I am way down now. Two hands later I get funky with 9 10 and push all in on the flop that comes 9 high. He has K K and I am done. Some real stupid playing tonight. Time to turn the pc off and walk away.

No way. Instead I am heading to a home game. Who said I was smart?

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