Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Badger Poker...Just like Party Poker- Bad players suckout

It was one of those nights. My game wasn't too good. My attention span was small. And the cards coming my way stunk. At first, I was determined to ride it out, hit a good spot, and double up. But when an ignoramus is getting lucky, the window of opportunity closes. That is what it felt like at the HAND on Tuesday. The table had little action to begin with. And it wasn't like there wasn't some action players, or idiots, starting at this table. Dots was on my left (he brought a big box of Dots to the table; about the size you get at the movies), a good player that I would try to avoid or go against with killer cards. To my left was the Badger Rock, old man I have seen a couple times that plays only the big cards. Internet girl and her hubby were at the table. A mouthbreather (I don't think he ever closed his mouth while at the table). Broncos fan must have been a virgin as he was very hesitant at times and his hands were shaking. A guy who looked like Jason Lee, the actor who has been in the Kevin Smith movies, was two spots to my right. Son of Cheater was drinking like they stopped making beer. Addidas jogging suit was on the far end to round out the table.

As mentioned, there was very little action to get the table going. A couple of hands in, I raised it up 1000 from the big blind and had everyone fold to my A J. I figured someone would go for the ride but no one did. Over the next 20 minutes, I would do nothing but fold. My attention span wasn't too bad at this time as I kept an eye on Addidas and Mouth breather. Broncos fan was a bad player. I already knew Son of Cheater was terrible. Jason Lee look-a-like though was collecting some chips with some aggressive play. I watched as the Mouth breather sucked out a good pot on Broncos fan. He stayed calling bets just to catch his K on the river for top pair? He would do the same to the Badger Rock. Problem was, they were not betting enough to keep him from calling. So when I got into it with him, I was going to make him pay. I limped in with A 8 diamonds. 5 players saw a flop come A 9 7, two clubs. I bet out 800, about half the pot. Only the mouth breather called. Hmmm. Turn was a blank. I now bet out 2000. He called. Ok, he is drawing for the flush. River was an A of spades. I bet 3k and he folded. I took down a good pot there. At the end of the first break, I was sitting with 12k. Not much, but an improvement.

The second session wasn't kind to me, but mostly because I was getting bored and aggressive. We had lost Internet Girl. Son of Cheater was short stacked and playing stupidly, of course. With about 4100 left, he went all in blind and won the pot when he spiked a 4 on the river for a pair. He was playing bad hands and sucking out on the river to win. Meanwhile, me and Dots are watching this and laughing at what is happening. Dots takes down a good pot when he pushes all in with his favorite hand J 10. He gets two callers for roughly 4k. He showed it to me before the flop came down- K Q 8. Turn is an A, river a blank. Before anyone shows their cards, I start pushing the pot to him as soon as he through the cards down because he had the nuts, and they surely had nothing. He liked that move.

I took on Addidas in a poor manner. I raised it up 1000 from mid position with K 10 suited. Flop came with rags. Addidas bet it out. I raised to 2500 to see where I might be. Didn't really like it when he called. Turn was an A. He now bet 3000. I mucked.

Didn't do too much until the end. The action at the table picked up a bit but cards weren't coming my way. With 4100 left, I looked down to see A J off. Blinds were going up to 1000/2000 after the break so I was going to be in trouble. I pushed all in from UTG+1. A new guy quickly called. Son of Cheater went over the top with 12500. Huh? Dots, who had just called the blinds, called as well. I thought I was in big trouble at that point. I pushed, there is one caller, one re-raise and a caller of the re-raise. Someone had to have a big pair.


The first caller had Q 9 suited. Son of Cheater had K J off. Dots had J J. How do you go over the top with K J? It is debatable whether he should even call, with 4 people behind his yet to act. But, if I am complaining about this, you know what is going to happen.

Flop comes 6 8 7, two clubs. Turn is the A of clubs. Suddenly, I am in the lead with a chance to quad up. River is the 8 of clubs giving the worst player at the table the runner runner flush. UGH!

I hate it when bad players get rewarded for bad play. A comment was even made that the table was playing like Party Poker a couple hands prior to this. No wonder this numbskull called.

Bagman's words of wisdom- Internet Girl's Hubby provided the stupid debate of the night. At one point, he couldn't distinguish the difference between a bet and a raise, insisting it was either the same thing, or the amount was incorrect. One time, with blinds 300/600, Bronco fan bet 1000 on the flop. First player checked, he bet 1000, and the button acted. IGH started to insist he had to bet 1200. No, he didn't. His bet was fine. It was the initial act after the flop. His minimum was 600 to bet, he bet 1000. No problem. But IGH argued and called the boss over. He then misrepresents what happened by calling it a raise. No bet was made, thus it cannot be a raise. Funny part was that he went on tilt here, started putting all his chips in like a crybaby, and went home because he couldn't admit he was wrong. If you don't know the rules, don't play the game.

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