Friday, December 31, 2004

Project SnG, Getting back on the horse

I jumped back into the fire last night at Pokerroom. After some very crappy play the night before, I figured I couldn't play much worse. My play at the NateDog encouraged me as well. Plus, it didn't hurt to get inspired by watching the rerun of the World Poker Tour.

So after I worked out, I turned on the pc and logged in. I took my time before jumping into a game. I didn't want to be distracted so I read my email and checked some other things out. I knew patience is the key. Wait for cards, play lesser hands when appropriate. I see others play way too many hands, and then play too few hands in these games all the time. The first game started well. I was patient getting paid off ok. I was able to slow play a flush for a nice payoff. I stayed back and watched some really stupid decisions. Like when one guy called an all in bet for 90% of his chips with just a gutshot straight draw. It hit. The loser cussed him out asking how he could call that bet. I wondered the same thing. Later, this guy would do the same thing on a flush draw, when he had bottom pair and hit runner runner for the flush to beat the flopped set of aces. Amazing. The stupid play was paying off.

I was cruising along until I hit my own suckout. With A K in mid position and one caller (blinds 50/100) I raised it up to 200. There was two callers. Flop came 9 9 J. The first limper bet out 300. I called. Turn was a K. He bet 500. I raised him all in since I had him covered. I was confident he did not have a 9, and was hoping he had a J. He called and showed K 10. Huh? You called with two pair and an ok kicker? How do you even call the preflop bet? Of course, the 10 hits the river. What crap! I ended going out in 4th after being blinded down.

I decided to play one more before heading out for a couple of beers. The second table was a bit tighter than the first. Oh sure, people would limp in to see a flop but only 1 or 2 would call a raise and hardly any showdowns were occurring. Second hand I caught pocket rockets and filled my set on the flop. I checked to see if I could get paid. No luck so I bet the turn card and he folded. I hung around the starting stack point for the next 20 minutes. Wasn't catching many cards. But when I did I would get paid albeit just a small pot.

I liked how tight the table got when we were down to 5 people. I started taking shots and stealing blinds. It worked pretty well. Of course I was caught once but I used it to my advantage. Because I was on the short end, I started pushing anything all in. A K got me a called bet and then a fold. A Q suited got me the blinds. Even K 4 was worth some free chips. One guy even called me an a-hole after that. Did I care? Of course not, I wasn't the small stack anymore. I always find it amazing how tight people like to get when you hit 5 people and there are some low stack sizes that rather even. They like to play the waiting game and fall into the money. Me, I like to get aggressive. Especially against the stacks as even as mine. I will bet out on them just about every time whether I have it or not. I will also slow play the bigger stacks in order to get paid and power my way into the money.

Then of course, it doesn't hurt to just catch the right card. Still with 5 left, I am on the button with 3 3. It has been folded to me. I limp, the small blind completes and we see a flop. J 6 8. The blinds check to me. I like the free card so I check as well. Turn is a 3. Bingo! Small blind bets the minimum. Big blind calls. I move all in. Small calls but big folds. Small shows 6 3 for 2 pair. My trips hold up and I more than double through. I went from bottom stack to second on that one hand. Two hands later I catch 9 9 UTG and raise it up. Big blind pushes all in. I have him covered by 2400 so I am not too worried. That is until I see K K. Ugh! But the 9 hits the turn and I take him out. The other small stack is knocked away and we are in the money.

I bounce the next guy when he pushes all in pre flop. I have Q J and call his 1500 bet. He shows K 4. A queen on the flop takes him out. At this point, I have a huge lead over second. I am going to move him on just about any two cards. Except for J 2. I fold that one. 10 9 suited is worth the raise. He folds. Now he pushes and I have Q 3. Call. He shows 6 7 off. No help and my Q high wins the tourney for me. Great to win one again.

My original stake is now at $115. 4 tables, 1 third, 1 first. I may break my rule today. After work I may play a multi though I have not reached the goal of up 25. But after looking at the payouts, it may not be worth it. The SnG pays better. Who knows I may jump to a $10 multi instead.

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