Thursday, May 15, 2008

21 days until it begins

21 days.

21 days until Vegas. Or so I have been told. It isn't like I need a vacation as much as I want one. Work has been rough and will only get rougher. Thankfully I have activities scheduled out to alleviate the stress when it builds up.

This weekend I will escape the city to do some camping. The Bong Rec area is my destination. Many beers will be consumed around the fire. Kinda like Vegas. That is my segue to get back on topic.

Looking forward to seeing some old faces this year. A bit disappointed that others won't be around. Looks like Chilly and Easycure will be there. Sadly Derek and Iggy won't. Always good to shoot the shit with Falstaff and catch up with all the crew working at the Series. Yeah, no links here as blogger is not loading properly.

Now I am wondering...who exactly is going the first weekend? For those going the second week, we cannot be held liable if there is a liquor shortage. Buy some vacation insurance to protect yourselves.


change100 said...

"The Bong Rec area."

I always thought that was called "my living room."

mookie99 said...

I'll be there.