Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wii Tilt

I haven't played much poker lately. That thing called life has been keeping me busy. Whether it has been work, yard work, home repair, or other engagements, I haven't had much time to play cards as of late. Thus I was looking forward to playing the Skills game last night. The Skills game is by far my favorite event as it satisfies my poker ADD.

Things were good during the first hour. I was up a little at the break but more importantly I was being patient. I may not have been focused as I kept an eye on ebay as I played but I was satisfied with my game.

It was in the second session that I lost it. I began chasing cards, gunning for lows in the Stud 8 portion. Like a bad Razz game, I got had 4 solid to the low just to brick up. Soon, I lost interest and donked my way out in the O8 portion. I was way overmatched by the players at the table that cared more and were playing much better poker than I was.

I think it all started earlier in the day. I have been quite busy at work, something that does not look to end anytime soon. During breaks, I have been looking at picking up a Wii. Though I have had video game addiction in the past, I knew times were different and I wouldn't be staying up to 4 in the morning playing some game.

It would appear the market rate for a Wii is around $310-325 total, including shipping, for a new game console with Wii Sports. That is my target. If I can get one cheaper, great, if not, no big deal. I am not in a rush to get the system. Yet.

It was during the end of an auction that I felt like I was heads up with an unknown opponent. I was winning the auction with a price of $276, a price that was very good. But as the minutes counted down, I had that sinking feeling that some bastard was going to steal this unit from me.

It was as if I had pushed all in with A Q on a loose opponent, knowing he would call me with any Ace rag. I have been there many a time before. Getting all in with A Q against A J, knowing I was going to lose the hand. That a J would hit the board.

The same thing happened on ebay. I refreshed the screen with 5 seconds left to see that J had hit the board. Someone sniped the unit from under me, paying $286. I was slow to react and the auction was over. I went on a TuffFish rampage in my mind, spewing all kinds of cusswords at the person who won the auction. I felt better even though I walked away from the table empty handed.


BadBlood said... try it.

KGBlovesOreos said...

After watching that Bill Russell/Garnett discussion, I have found a few other Russell interviews on youtube... like you said... the man is inspiring.

StB said...

Thanks Blood. I have been using whichs looks strikingly similiar.

Drizztdj said...

Get the Sunday ads. Whoever is advertising it will have it in stock.

You shouldn't have to wait 2 hours before opening to get one for regular price anymore.