Monday, May 05, 2008

Degeneration NYC

It was about 5 am, Sunday morning. GMoney had just crashed. The Rooster had put on some pancrase on the TV after opening a huge bottle of Belgian white beer. Iggy and I started watching the action, trying to figure out the rules (at least I was trying to figure out the rules, Iggy may know them).

As we watch the wrestlers bitch slap each other, I noticed the Rooster was fighting his own fight. He was on the couch, sitting on the edge, wobbling back and forth. He bobbed to the left and then to the right. Like a boxer that had been knocked around the head, he was on dream street. Only it wasn't lefts and rights that did the damage. It was the assortment of beers he had been drinking for the last 12 plus hours that worked him over. He had gone the 12 rounds and was still upright.

I looked and Iggy and nodded towards Rooster. Being the good guys we are, we told the Rooster to get some sleep and we would call it a night. We got him a pillow and blanket, turned off the TV and let him sleep we placed a bet on which way he would fall. Iggy had the right, I had the left. Like a buoy on the water, the Rooster moved back and forth with the flow of the tides. Then suddenly he made a deep move to left. I thought I had a winner. Both Iggy and I are cheering him on to fall, but in very hushed tones. We didn't want to wake him until the bet had been won.

Suddenly he righted himself and kinda opened his eyes. Within seconds they were closed again. The wobbly Rooster was back in the ring and the bet was on. This time though, he started moving forward. As I said, Iggy had the right, I had the left, but what happened if he fell forward, or back? The prop was amended as Iggy had him falling back as I got the forward action. I also agreed to clean up any blood should he bust his head open.

The Rooster hung on for a couple of minutes before he woke up again. He may have sensed something as he grabbed the remote and uttered "Go to bed fuckers!". He turned off the TV and was done.

Official ruling: No contest.

All kidding aside, I would like to thank the Rooster for his hospitality, for giving me a place to crash, showing me some cool bars, and just for being a friend. Thanks man, I had an excellent weekend and an awesome time. Same to Pauly and Derek for showing us the city and for all the shenanigans that went on.


Derek McG said...

Good times . . . it was great partying with you all weekend!

Ignatious said...

i had a blast -- and thanks for writing up the joaquin asleep on his feet wager - had forgotten about that.

Drizztdj said...

Should have bet on time till knockout. We do the same for my sister-in-law.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

What is holding The Rooster up? I almost want the ref to jump in and stop but The Rooster has earned a right to finish this fight. Oh...he almost goes down to the left but he bounces back up. Ladies and Gents...I'm humbled at what I'm watching here, has no quit in him...the Cardiac kid. I'm brought to tears by the fight in the kid.

StB said...

No one can question the fight in the Rooster. He completed all rounds and was not knocked out.