Friday, May 30, 2008


Not much to talk about from the RC tournament last night. I felt like I did well considering how poorly I have played as of late. No, 28 out of 75 is nothing to be happy about, but I didn't like a total moron. Not totally that is. I did make some loose calls early but then hunkered down to play seriously. It felt like I was pretty card dead a good portion of the time. That may lead to my feeling disappointed by the finish.

I will have to try and get my PokerStars software issue corrected this weekend. I am not sure Pauly's Saturday afternoon game is on for sure- I assume it is though he will be working- but if it is I want to get in. I will have to get on the ball early to ensure I get it fixed on time.

Otherwise it may end up being a MMA weekend. Saturday night's debut of Elite XC on CBS will be interesting. Hell with Kimbo Slice, I want to see Smith and Lawler bang it out. Should be an epic fight. Then on Sunday, Faber vs. Pulver is on. I like Faber. The kid is a monster. Not to take anything away from Little Evil but the only way Faber loses if somehow he hasn't taken this fight seriously, and I highly doubt that. It will be a great fight.

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