Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No pokering this week

There will be no poker for me this week. The real world is pressing down from a couple different sides, preventing me from logging on to the virtual felt.

I would say that means it is much easier for everyone to win this week but that would be a lie for I sure haven't been a factor in the

Bodonkey, tonight on bodog


The Skillz game where I run hot or cold. Last week was cold so I was feeling good about getting hot again. Like most Wednesdays I cannot Mook it up anymore. Nor can I chase the river this Thursday.

But I shall look at the bright side. Both Wednesday and Thursday shall see me drinking quantities of good beer so not playing poker isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe we will see y'all again next week.


veronica said...

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Peter said...

You guys should try Littlewoods Poker. I've been playing there for a few weeks now and there are a lot of fish. Especially if you like to play omaha hi lo poker as lots of the players seem to try it but don't really know what they are doing.