Monday, April 14, 2008

Because Otis' wife said to

Otis' wife said to link up his work over at the PokerStars blog. Otis is the genuine article. Thus he always gets a link when needed. Go read the team as they report on the EPT Monte Carlo.

Also, don't forget Change100 is out there as well. I hope to catch up with both of you in Vegas in June.

I am trying to figure out what I will be doing in terms of this game in the foreseeable future. After playing a lot of PLO8 over the past 2 months, I realized I wasn't entirely playing it for the right reasons. I enjoy the game quite a bit. I loved learning a new game and the subtleties involved. However I should have started at a lower limit. I dropped a couple hundred getting the feel for the game.

I was having fun playing it. But then I began to play for the wrong reason. I fully acknowledge I play poker for fun. It is a hobby. I have no grand goals of winning major tournaments. I found myself playing just to get Iron Man status on FTP lately. I would play when I didn't necessarily feel like playing. It was all about getting points.

Now with the weather changing and baseball season here, I will most likely pull back on how much I play. I will focus a bit on playing NL cash games in preparation for Vegas in June but only when time is available and I feel like playing.


bayne_s said...
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bayne_s said...

Those sick marketing bastards at Full Tilt sucked you in with the points scam too.

It is evil walk away.

Once you are 12 months in the IronMan it is too late but save yourself.

Drizztdj said...

6 months I did the Iron Man march. Stopping this month because I started playing higher then I should have and paid for it when I couldn't handle the swings.