Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Squeaked into the Bodonkey- Crib note version

No echecks on Bodog anymore

play SnG, takes forever, push at 8:04 to get into Bodonkey, take 2nd, would have had first but opponent got lucky when he bluffed his 10 4o against my A Ko. Pair of 4s wins. Ugh.

Sneak into Bodonkey missing a hand or two. avoid Donkettes set of Kings that she rivers. She checked expecting me to bet but I had her flop bet read as K K especially when she checked the river. Folding two pair is easy.

Folded two pair again when something didn't seem right. Opponent had flopped a set of 8s.

Got A A twice in the first 15 minutes. Minimal action on both.

7 7 gets me a decent pot. Lightening raised from the button. I called 100 more to see a flop come K Q 3. Turn put a possible flush on the board while the river was a rag. I wasn't surprised to see he mucked A J, but I was shocked he didn't bet out on any street.

Skillz Series starts up. Could be interestings as both Hoy and ScottMc are both seated along with Miami Don and Kat. Part of me wants to be a smartass but the other part wins the fight.

Nothing much happens in the first round of Hold em. I stay even. In the PLO round I make the mistake of thinking it is PLO8 and bet pot on a made low. Thankfully I didn't lose too much on the hand.

Back on Bodog, I miss a couple of nice draws and drop to just above 2000. Can't get much traction but blinds are still low and I have time. Have to tighten up there soon.

Take down a decent pot against Kat when I river a flush. Flop came K high with two hearts. I had raised with A A 9 7 and she just called. I didn't like the K on the flop or her calling my flop bet. I put her on a pocket pair of kings there. Turn was no help and I checked. She bet half the pot. I felt like taking a chance on catching the flush or an ace to steal. Got a J of hearts and just called her half pot bet. I was surprised to see she had J J underneath and no hearts. She had me folding if she had bet pot on the river.

Not much happening at either table now. Lots of mucking as both games are hold em and the cards are looking too good. I do win an interesting hand with 2 3o. I completed from the small blind cuz there were three limpers. A deuce on the river was good to give me the pot.

I made a minor bluff with 4 4. I raised from MP and made the continuation bet on a board of A K J. Represent A K and hope they buy it. Thankfully, they did. I also did a semi bluff on a board showing a possible flush. I had just a pair of queens but the bet worked.

Blinds are 50/100 on Bodog which means we are getting to the action stage. I have just over 2300 again. Still not good but manageable. I do manage to steal some blinds to get over 2600. If I can get back above the starting stack I will feel much better.

Well, so much for getting above the starting stack on Bodog. I call a raise in the BB with A Q. I see a flop of K Q x. I check and call the bet. I intend to push on the turn no matter what. An A on the turn makes me smile. I check allowing my opponent to push. They show K J for top pair and a possible straight. MY two pair looks good until the 10 of diamonds shows up. That bit.

It seems typical of the beats I have taken on Bodog. Just the way it goes. It may be the last tournament I play until I can find a way to get funds on there. 4 bucks ain't gonna cut it.

Now I can focus on the skillz game. Just began to notice some of the crazy Omaha play. Well, I contribute to it by getting it all in preflop against lucko. I have A A Q 5 vs his A A K 10. I don't like my cards. I also don't have much of a chance. I flop the possible flush but it doesn't materialize and I am done.

I am too lazy to make any sense of this. NO link, no grammar. Good enough.


$mokkee said...

i made a deposit last month with my Wells Fargo Visa after Bodog offered their 100% reload bonus. it didn't go through the first time. but after i called the bank and asked why, they thought it might be a fraudulent charge. 2nd time it went thru no problem.

StB said...

Thanks Smoke, that is worth knowing. I have tried a Wells card in the past but was denied. I will have to try again.

Mr. W said...

any one plays freerolls.