Friday, April 25, 2008

To go or not to go

I got a call yesterday from a buddy of mine.
When was the last time you were in Vegas.
You going anytime soon.
Sure, beginning of June, staying at Hooters.
You interested in going in May?
I am going for a sales conference. They have me set up at the Monte Carlo.
In a smoke free room? One with working fire alarms?
Company is paying for the room. Thought you might like to go play poker.
Possible. Send me the dates.

So now I have to see if I can finagle a trip to Vegas next month. It could be tight. I will be traveling next weekend and the more I think about it, June isn't that far off.

I doubt I will be playing any poker this weekend. Between watching Brewers games and the NFL Draft, I won't have any time.

So looking forward to the draft tomorrow. It is taste of football in spring. A time to spend an afternoon at Hooters, eating wings, drinking beer, laughing at the Lions when they draft a receiver, booing whoever the Deadskins, bEagles, and Gints select, applauding loudly for the newest Dallas Cowboy. Quite a bit of fun.

Small football thoughts. I think Peter King at SI made a good comment. The Chargers should see if they can get Jason Taylor from the Dolphins. Taylor and Merriman going wild on QBs. I think I heard Jay Cutler shit his pants. The Cowboys should get two good offensive players in this draft. A speedy running back to team up with Marion the Barbarian is good. A stud receive may be available as well. I predict the Packers take a QB with the first pick. Thankfully the Vikings don't have a pick to screw up this year.

Don't forget Saturdays with Pauly tomorrow.

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lightning36 said...

Anytime a trip to Las Vegas is a possibility, the answer should always be "yes."

Please pray for me for I am a Bears fan ...