Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the Circles of Poker Blogging Hell- 4

It is in the fourth Circle of Poker Blogging Hell that the malcontents reside. They offer little to the community. The posts lack any real strategy, intelligence or any positive content. They simply attack others and their style of play, claiming they are much superior when they are not.

These are the bitchers, the moaners, and whiners of the group. And their enablers.

Sadly, they adopted the attack methods of some in the 3rd circle and believe they it is their duty to pronounce to the world how a fellow blogger is stupid, lucky, a shitty poker player, etc. The have no problems starting wars with others no matter how foolish they may seem in the end.

They are the jesters of the poker world. It is Phil Hellmuth with a blog.

The bitchers believe blogging was about lamenting their latest bad beat. They will post about how a player made a tremendously bad call when they pushed with A 6 and the BB calls with A 7. They will go on about what a bad play it is without realizing the range of hands they have been put on with their previous play. None of those aspects of the game matter. It is always a bad beat.

Their posts rarely end with how they won a tournament or walked away with a buy in, but how someone got lucky to beat them. It is never their own poor play that has them going bust but the RNG or a donkey that just so happened to go on a run. When they do make the money they trumpet it loud and clear in order for you to believe it happens all the time even though they need to beg to get into the next tournament.

But they are not alone in the 4th Circle of Poker Blogging Hell. They are kept company by their enablers. The enablers are the ones who encourage their jackassery. They are the ones that keep giving them the buy ins just so they can read a post about how they went out, wondering who will be the one attacked the next day. The encourage this stupidity through comments or egging them on in the chat box at the tables.

The enablers have somehow convinced the jesters that people are laughing with them. No, the fact is people are laughing AT them. The links they get are usually of a mocking tone. Their is no praise. While others in the community have shunned them, the enablers keep them going for their own amusement. At some point we can only hope the enablers will drop the strings and these whiners will moan their last beat and go away.

They are the beginning of decay for the WPBT world. The first cavity that when untreated leads to infection. Otherwise known as Circle 5.


bayne_s said...

If I've ever backed waffles does that make me an enabler?

StB said...

bayne, if you ever backed someone that is like what I described above and you fully understood that you were the organ grinder, putting the monkey out there for the amusement of you and the others, then yes, you are an enabler.

RaisingCayne said...

Am I early or what? I just came to the comments section here to read the Rooster's take on the latest post. I love me some of his 3rd-person references to his personal prowess! Quality entertainment.

But on another note... I've really enjoyed these posts STB, (despite my occasional depressing epiphany as to how I come across.) Good stuff! ... And good luck going forward in the BBT3!

HighOnPoker said...

Interesting, stb. It doesn't take a genius to think of one example of this 4th ring, if not THE 4th ring, Woffles. That said, I really don't think Woffles is bad for bloggerdom. Some wannabe Woffles may be harmful, but Woffles established himself as a part of the community and adds a lot to the community, even if it is as tilt-incarnate.

So, I'm definitely in agreement that there are some negative influences out there, but I don't think Woffles is a negative influence. He doesn't write a traditional poker blog, but he does add to the community.