Monday, April 21, 2008


Brutal. That was my experience playing some Omaha this weekend. Brutal.

I was doing well in a PLO8 satellite to a 100k guarantee. One seat to the winner. It was down to 3 of us. The table had gotten cautious with the other two limping to see flops. With 10 10 A Q, I raised pot and was called by the BB. Flop was nice, 10 K 3. I bet pot. My opponent thought and min-raised me. I was made the call for just 200 more. I know he wasn't slow playing KK there. He showed two pair, kings and tens. Hits the king two outer on the river. Ouch! I would have had my other opponent outchipped by a 4-1 margin but instead go home. At the same time I busted out of the NL cash game when my A Ks went down to K K. Just wasn't hitting flops.

Afternoon with Pauly sent me to the bar in the same fashion. I should have gone bust to Bayne early on but did not make a river bet holding K K x x. Board had two jacks on it and Bayne's A A were good. I just about made that river bet to represent trips but knew I would have been called. In the past I probably make that bet 90% of the time but I had a feel for my opponent and realized it was not a good idea. All the Omaha playing has paid off in some patience gained.

Surving against Bayne meant it would just leave me on the short stack and looking for a place to double up. I thought I had it when I raised from EP with K K J J. I get called from the blinds and see the Hammer flop, 2 7 7. I pot it, putting me all in. I don't know this person but my gut told me they had Q Q at best. Well, not even. They called me and show 10 10 J x. Huh? Calling with just two pair and not even a good two pair? From there, it was like the cards reached out of my monitor with a pair of pliers and twisted by balls right off by turning an 8 and rivering a 9 for the straight. I wimpered a good luck to everyone and shut down the pc to tend to my injured nutsack.

I didn't play a single hand on Sunday. Days like that happen. Good hands are ruined by longshot and good starting cards get ruined by the board. Hopefully that was variance calling to say "hi" and reminding me that bad beats happen and to get over it.

On a different note, I wish they would show this WSOP on ESPN but I know they won't. The Mixed Games event looks pretty good. I caught Dr. Pauly's post quoting his friend BJ Nemeth on LasVegasVegas and thought "I wish they would run this online along side HORSE".

The World Championship Mixed Event is a mix of several different poker
games, like H.O.R.S.E., but without a cool name. Event #8 is much more confusing
than H.O.R.S.E, however.
In Event #8, there are three different types of
levels, and within each level, the game switches every eight hands. (One pass of
the button, for games with a button.) Levels last 60 minutes.
Deuce-to-Seven Triple DrawLimit Hold'emLimit Omaha Eight or Better
RazzSeven Card StudSeven Card Stud Eight or Better
Hold'emPot-Limit Omaha
For the first hour of play, you're playing
deuce-to-seven triple draw, limit hold'em, and Omaha eight or better, switching
every eight hands. The second hour of play, you're playing razz, seven card
stud, and seven card stud eight or better, switching every eight hands. The
third hour of play, you're playing no-limit hold'em and pot-limit Omaha,
switching every eight hands.

Wonder if PokerStars or Full Tilt could run something with that setup.

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