Thursday, October 14, 2004

Badger Poker...Breaking the rules

Yes, I broke rule #1. Patience. That is how you do well in the Badger Poker Series. Headed down to Dump Milwaukee for the Thursday stop. Crowded house greeted me. I was sent to table 5 to start (and I guess finish). My first impression was that this was a rather tough table. Smoker Chick was there as was Doo Rag. MGM was there listening to his tunes. E the Drun er Sober (no vodka in the Red Bull) was on my right. Wooden Necklace (a rather loose player) on my left. There was Safety Pin (he had on some kind of flannel overcoat that had safety pins instead of buttons on the cuffs. WTF?) Sweater and Brewers pullover. Last guy was Allergy. Allergy? Yes, allergy. The was the guy played for the first 45 minutes, I swear he was allergic to his chips. Kept tossing them away from his like they would kill him.

Play started with me on the button. I think I had A rag for the first 4 hands. Mucked them all. None would have hit me so I didn't mind. There was some action early. Doo Rag opened for a raise that was re-raised by Sober. Flop came J high. Doo Rag pushed. I knew he had an overpair but I was willing to be Sober had him beat. Sure enough. Sober showed A A while Doo Rag had Q Q. American Airlines took the Hilton Sisters for the ride and Sober doubled up quickly. I kept folding until the button came around. I thought everyone had folded to me so I raised it up to steal some blinds. They folded but I had missed Allergy limping in early. Of course he called. A flop a A J x came, no help to my 7 4. I bet and Allergy folded.

About another orbit goes by before I raise it up with K J. Smoker Chick calls as did Brewer Pullover. Flop comes A 3 x. I bet it out to see who may have the A. Smoker Chick calls as the other folds. Turn is another A. I check. River doesn't help me but I realize the only chance I have to win this pot is bet so I fire 1500. Smoker Chick goes all in. Fling go the cards. She had a full house, Ace over 3s. Nice hand. I would cost me some more chips when I tried to raise with K Q. There were 4 people in the pot, Wooden Necklace, Allergy,.and Smoker Chick. Smoker had gone all in preflop. Flop came J high. I checked. Wooden Necklace went all in. Allergy folded. I looked at Necklace and knew he was stealing it. Problem was I didn't have a hand to beat him. I folded. His 5 5 stood up to Smoker Chicks A Q and he took down a nice pot.

I played one last hand after that. Limped in with A 8 clubs. Flop came A J 6 with two diamonds. I tried to make my move and went all in. Safety pins thought of it for a while and raised. Allergy got out of the way. Pins showed A 9 hearts and won on that kicker. At first I thought it was a bad call. How do you trust the 9 to hold up? Yeah, I know some of you are saying but you pushed with an 8. There is a difference between calling and making the bet.

So I played an hour, breaking the first rule of poker. No XBox for me- this week. Worse yet, I have no Bagman words of wisdom for you.

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