Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Badger Poker...Like playing bad football- 3 and out

Sometimes you just know how things might go from the first hand. Either you don't play it well, you get a bad beat or you get crap cards as a sign of things to come. I decided to go with the first. My table wasn't too bad. Some guy with a Kanga knit cap as well as another with an Oakley knit. Young dude who had beaten me at Gametime a month ago was there. Angst- a guy who looked like every decision he made was the hardest in the world. A quiet Asian, a chick, Tired Guy and some dude in glasses. On my left was the Blind small Blind call. First round he called all small blinds without looking.

First hand I played was done way too aggressively. Actually it wasn't too aggressive. I raised up with a pair of 7s. I had 3 callers. Flop came J 10 x. I bet it out and 2 people folded. Glasses called. Turn was no real help so I bet it again. Glasses thought, mumbled about too many outs and called. River was a Q. I check and he bet out 3k. I mucked and commented that he sucked out a straight. About the only thing I could have done was limp in and take my chances. Tried to be aggressive and I gave away a third of my chips. Just great.

I must have pissed off the poker gods because I didn't get a playable hand for the next half hour. Closest I came to a decent hand was maybe a one gap suited cards. Otherwise crap. During this spot, Angst was still being very aggressive, raising preflop a lot of hands. Oakley knit was playing a lot of hands. The chick was calling down hand and barely losing a lot of them. Asian pushed all in and doubled through when he flopped a straight. He then would go on a tear. There was a big hand that knocked Young Dude out. He was down to about 3600 and pushed all in from the big blind. Glasses called as did Oakley knit. Flop came 8 8 x. Oakley went all in and Glasses called. Glasses showed A Q, Oakley knit had J J. Young dude had A J. No help as another 8 came on the river for a full house.

Asian guy would make a move on me. Limped in with K 10. Actually I tried to limp but it got raised to 900. Saw a flop of 6 8 9, two hearts. Had the K of hearts. It was checked around. Turn was 10 hearts. I made a semi bluff at it and bet 1500 after Asian had checked. It folds around to him and he goes all in. Damn his check raise! I lose another chunk there.

After the break, I decide I need to make a move. I was on the big blind when I saw A 7 and decided to push my remaining 3600. Angst had raised it to me so I thought that these two cards were as good as any. Problem was Small Blind Blind Caller wanted to go for the ride too. He thought and looked at his cards before calling. Flop came A 9 K with two hearts. I had the A of hearts so I didn't mind it. I had to take another look as I then thought I had A 9 instead of A 7. Turn was another 9 and gave me no help. They both checked. River was a heart. SBBC then went all in. Angst went through his routine and called the 9100 bet. I don't know why as I knew SBBC had the flush and showed K J of hearts. Angst had A Q. Without SBBC in there, I would have enjoyed a split pot. Instead I was done. My game is not going too well in the series right now. I need to plug some holes. Doing these reports the night of the tournament kinda sucks.

And now....
Bagman's words of wisdom- Caught this amazing bad play just before I left for the night. And it happen to be Bagman. I was speaking to MGM as Bagman was going up against Cowboys fan. Final board showed a flush. Bagman had check the flop, bet the turn and the river. Cowboys fan raised on the river. I knew he had the flush. It was apparent to everyone but Bagman who raised all in. Cowboys fan immediately called and showed the nut flush. Bagman had two pair and it seemed he tried to slow play it. Slow playing two pair??? He even said "What was I suppose to do?" Easy one. Fold!

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