Monday, October 11, 2004


Someone added a comment to yesterday's entry about some other cheating that was going on at the final table on Saturday night. I wish they would have given more details. It is hard to recall everything you see and do during one of the tourneys. Writing these up can be a bitch as you recall things later on and try to add them in later. Half the time I don't because people have already read the story.

So I sat here racking my brain trying to recall the final table and the flow of play. Play was really tight. The only thing I can think of is that the two guys on the opposite end may have been colluding as they never were in a pot together (or at least while I was there). One guy bet only once and the other folded quickly. He didn't even say how much he was raising and the cards were mucked. Could whiney guy have been cheating? He may have been desperate to go to Vegas. But I didn't notice much from him. I can't recall anything that seemed out of the ordinary.

One thing I forgot was the guy who got the early boot. Happened at a table close to us. A couple minutes into the game, they asked him for an ID. I thought he was being carded and was old enough to be in a bar. Turns out he was trying to play for a friend. I wonder who tipped them off?

I guess most people still do not understand how the game should be played. Yes, it is a free tournament, but that does not mean that normal tournament rules and procedures should be ignored. Jason and Wes do a good job of running this night after night and they at least listen to try and make things better. I give them credit as doing this is not necessarily easy. It is not just going and setting up tables and counting chips into a bag. They cannot be all over the room monitoring every little thing that happens. That is why certain procedures need to be followed. It isn't too much to ask someone to flop all 3 cards at once instead of turning them over one at a time. It can give someone an advantage, no matter how small. Plus, it is easier if everyone deals the cards the same. Mistakes can and will happen, but following correct procedures limits them.

If someone is cheating, it is the players at the tables that need to say something. A string bet needs to be pointed out. If the player doesn't like it, too bad. Is it that tough to announce raise and say how much or just stack your bet in front of you and then push the chips out? No! This stuff wouldn't fly in a casino and there is a reason for it. Someone acting out of turn on purpose should have that pointed out. Yes, sometimes you get confused on whose turn to act it may be but when you do it more than once, you should be penalized. If you are all in, you do need to push your chips forward. Yes, that is a rule. You cannot waive your hands to indicate and do nothing. What if someone did not hear you and pushes in? There bet may have been because they though everyone folded to them (this actually busted out a pro at the World Series this year). Same with one show all show. The one all show all rule is there to prevent collusion and make sure everyone is getting the same information.

I am still a bit pissed at the Cheater but also at myself for not realizing what had happened quick enough to react and point it out. Man I wish I would have grabbed for the cards or something, but that can be a big no-no as well as you have no right to look at someone's cards that have been mucked (unless there is a called river bet, then technically any one can ask to look at it).
Hey, we all like the game of poker. Playing by rules and procedures make it more enjoyable. And once again, for crying out loud, it is a free tournament. How pitiful of a person are you that you need to cheat at a free tournament? You aren't out any money. If you feel the need to win at any cost, then go to a playground and play six year old kids at basketball or something where you know you can push them around.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the confusion, it was at the satellite that you were sitting at the same table as they were. They started their cheating on Thursday. One needed points to get in the finals, so this person's friends laid down hands to help them. The part that was so irratating was that they admitted it and said so what it doesn't matter it's a free tourney . It does matter to alot of players, it's the mutual respect that most players have for one another. Would I trust these people again, Nope. And as for Jason and Wes, my congrats on the first leg of a long journey, It's been a growing process for you guys and we players. I plan on playing for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was at the final table Sat Night and it was very tight; nothing seemed to indicate that anyone was in cahoots. As an aside, the winner was the guy you are referring to as "whiny guy." When he won, he was like "yeah, I'm going to Las Vegas, wooo." What a dink.

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