Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thursday night bonus coverage!

I feel like I have let some people down tonight so I will try to give some bonus coverage from Full Tilt Poker. Sat down at the NL table with blinds of .25/.50. The average pot is just under $10 according to the table stats. So I start with 20 bones to play. I am trying to work off my bonus and need to keep my cash lasting. I had dropped $200 here over the past weekend on some nasty beats (AA is the best hand to start with my ass!)

I start by mucking the number of hands I see. Then I notice A Q hearts staring at me. I raise it up and everyone folds. WTF? I thought this table had players. I mean with one player showing a name of KingJackoff, someone has to be willing to throw some cash around. And I would soon find him. Some fishy named jason_t. I noticed he was very tiltable too. I catch 8 8 and simply call. Flop comes 6 4 8. Bingo! I put out a small bet and jason_t raises all in for $5.80. Ha! Cha-ching. Easy money when he shows K 4. Next hand I get 10 10 in the small blind and call the dollar raise. Flop comes A Q 7, all clubs. One of my 10s is a club so that ain't bad. I check and Zammy checks as well. Turn is 6 of hearts. I bet out 50 cents and get called. River is a 5 of clubs giving me a decent flush. I toss only a buck in case they have the high club. They show a pair of 4s and I take it down.

Best part is the guppy known as jason_t has added $50 to the table. Sweet. I get a chance at that cash a half dozen hands later when I get cowboys K K. I raise it to 1 dollar (by accident when I hit the raise button without changing the amount) and I get 5 callers. Flop comes K A A. Nice. Two people check and I bet $4. Only the fish calls. Turn is a Q. Fishy checks. I can't help but think that he thinks he is slow playing me. Sure enough, I bet $12 and he raises me all in. Cha-ching again. I just hoped he didn't have A K or A Q. Nope, he has Q J and I win a $60 pot.

I lose a chunk of it back to another player. From the big blind I play K 4. Flop comes 2 K 5. I bet a buck and it gets called. Turn is a 4. I bet the pot- $4 and it gets called. River is another 5. Shit! I bet 4 bucks and get raised. My 4 kicker won't do anything here so I bail. That river totally sucked. I make some of it up when the river helps me fill a straight but I am still not near where I was. I watch my favorite fish get hooked badly. He gets all in preflop with the Hilton Sisters just to be called by A Q. Flop comes 5 5 5. Turn is a 7 and the river is the case 5. He flopped a full house just to lose to board quads and the A kicker. That is a bad beat.

I miss out on a potentially nice pot when my K J sees a flop of J 5 J. I bet the pot and get raised back. Unfortunately it wasn't the fish. I checked the turn thinking he might have A J, but call the $5 bet. River is a blank and my set is good. He raised back with 2 pair. Damn, I could have pushed and made some nice coin there.

Hope you enjoyed the bonus coverage. Next week I will do better, I promise. This online play may not be as exciting as Badger Poker. But I did make $44 in an hour.

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