Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Badger Poker...Still running bad

With a new week upon us, I had high hopes to start a new run. Since the opening night of the second season of Badger, I haven't done squat. And even at that event, I limped onto a final table. Yes, I had to get some mojo back.

I was sent to table 2. There was Darkman there along with Towel Man from the home game. One of my new favorites, Trick or Treat was on my left (maybe this time I can get some of those chips he hands out). There was SG on the far side with one of the newer players, Tattoo. I couldn't tell if the other guy in the middle was Allergy or not. Didn't quite play like him but I can't quite recall what Allergy looked like. On my right was Sigh Guy (every time he made a play, he would think and think, let out a big sigh and make his move). Two new guys round out the table, Shepard Express and Sunglasses. I wish I could have a good rant on Sunglasses because anyone, and I mean anyone, that wears sunglasses at these events cracks me up.

Things started well for me. On the second or third hand I caught A A. I was able to raise it up to 800 and had 4 callers. Flop hit well at A J 4, but there were two hearts in it. I decided to make anyone pay to pull the flush and fired out 3000. They all folded and I take down a nice early pot. Sunglasses gets into an interesting battle with Sigh Guy and gives off about 2/3 of his chips to him. Flop came 6 6 x. I thought Sunglasses had the trips as he was betting out rather aggressively. Turns out Sigh Guy had the 6 and took it down. But Sigh Guy would end up giving it to the guy who may have been Allergy. Towel Man played out a nice bluff with J 9. Fired the second and third bullet. Why Trick or Treat was still in the hand was something I never could understand. Then again, that is why he is Trick or Treat. He in there to hand out his chips to those who come knocking. Sunglasses went out soon as did Trick or Treat. Darkman had hardly played a hand. Tattoo was mixing it up a bit. SG did little as well. I played a couple hands here and there and took in small pots or kicked out some chips. Took one tiny bad beat when I pushed Shep Ex all in. I had 8 8 and he had limped in UTG. I bet it out so he would be committed. I was surprised he called with Q 4 suited. It would be enough at he would not only flop the Q, but would fill out the heart flush. Yes, those crap plays never do work for me.

Things were going well until Sigh Guy kind of tilted the table. He went all in 3 hands in a row. First time he doubled up on A 10 when the A hit. Next he went uncalled and showed Q Q. Third time he did it with K J. I was tempted to call him on the last one. I had A J. I thought about it and folded for two reasons. Darkman had limped in front of him and A J is not as strong as people think. I didn't want to need some help on the flop, nor go out after 45 minutes. As much as I wanted to put an end to Sigh Guys nonsense, this wasn't the hand to do it. Turns out Darkman had A J as well.

But the mood at the table had changed. No wonder was going to limp in just to be raised all in, nor was anyone going to raise in front of Sigh Guy in hopes of trapping him. Unfortunately for me, I would be the one that was trapped. I looked down to see 10 10. With 3 limpers in front of me, I raised it to 2500. Shep Ex then bumped it to 7000. With just 1900 left I had to move all in if I called. I pushed. Shep Ex had trapped me with A A. Could there be sweet justice as I exact revenge from that crappy Q 4 play? Nope. I was done. Funny how I didn't want to go out at the 45 minute mark, but the 55 minute mark was ok. He played the hand well. I couldn't help but wonder if he didn't raise it because of Sigh Guy or not. I guess it didn't matter as he made the hand pay off nicely.

Still running bad and I do not like it. I either have to play it through or maybe go to drastic measures. I am leaning on the latter decision and may go ahead and walk away from the game for a week or so. Sometimes that is the best way to turn the ship around.

Bagman's words of wisdom- Don't know if this comment was directed towards me or not, but I found it kind of amusing. At one point, Tattoo either misplayed or misdealed or did something strange. He said "Great, by the end of the night I am going to have a nickname." C'mon, if I am writing about the table, of course you get a name.

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