Thursday, October 21, 2004

Badger Poker...Yet another night report

Being able to do these reports right away at night sucks. That means I didn't even last 2 hours in the tournament. Such is the case at Bar Milw. The best hand I had all night was 10 10. And I didn't even play it. That is how it goes when you are running bad.
Things started with a bunch of unknowns, except for Smoker Chick. There were two young guys with hooded sweatshirts. At first I thought they were brothers. But one was more of a mouth breather than the other and they didn't talk to each other. So I guess they could have been related. There were the goatee boys, one with a regular goat who was quite large and a marine like guy that had a small caterpillar die underneath his lip. Jager hat sat there. There was a guy who looked like Beavis at 40. I kept thinking he might call himself Cornholio and go all in. But the prize at the table was Trick or Treat. He and Beavis wanted to play every hand but Trick or Treat was giving out his chips like they were candy. I think he saw the river on the first 5 hands just to not call the last bet. I never did see his cards.

But he did represent how play was at the table. Over the first hour, there were very few preflop raises. When there was, there was no action. If everyone limped in, there we saw a river. Some strange play as well. Small goat called an all in bet of 7000 with Q J suited. He was beat by K J. People called all in bets with any ace. Me, I was pissed I didn't get any of Trick or Treat's chips. The only real action I had was raising with K Q suited and having everyone fold and raising with A J and having everyone fold. That was it.

I did try to play A 2 clubs once. I was in late position and called. Flop came 9 high with one club. It checked to be and I bet it. Only Beavis called. He then bet the turn when an 8 came out. Possible straight was there so I folded. Lost untold blinds. Nothing would have hit either. I finally went out when I was in the big blind and called a 600 bet with 4 5. There were 4 other players in so it was worth a shot to see small cards. Flop came 6 5 3. I was open ended on the straight draw with middle pair. I check and Jager hat bet 2000 and was called by the mouth breathing hood. I moved all in. I guess my mistake was that I didn't move all in without checking. I don't think it would have mattered. Turn was a J. Jager bet and mouth breather raised. Jager called. River was a 4, giving me two pair but a possible flush. Jager bet 5000 that mouth breather called. Jager had 7 7 for the straight that he caught on the river. Mouth had A J. Me, I was done. Last an hour and a half doing very little but mucking.

As I said the best hand I had was 10 10 but I folded that when someone moved all in for 7000. He was called by small goatee and crushed him with Q Q. I pretty much ran bad all week. I have a home game to play tomorrow and I wish I could back out. I have already paid in so I am stuck. I need to turn it around. Maybe by winning some actual cash, that will help.

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