Monday, October 18, 2004

Badger Poker...Next time, I bring the bowling ball

Week #2 at Bay View Bowl. Without the Packers on, the crowd was certainly going to be bigger. Looked like we started in the high 50s, maybe low 60s in players. Once again, a lot of new faces were there. I was sent to table 1 to start things out. OCC was there, an aggressive player. Twin's fan's lady was there. Coldman sat on my right. There were 2 newbies on my left. Backwards hat who seemed to play any A he saw. Nike would wanted to just do it and play hands. And the chipophiliac who bled chips. Little Gus Hansen was there. Tired Guy (he looked like he could fall asleep at any moment. That or he was stoned) rounded out the table.

Tired guy started be running over a couple players and collecting chips. He busted Twins fan's lady K K with an ace. I was suprised that she paid him off like that. Though the ace hit the flop, she kept betting it out. He called all the way and took in roughly half of her stack. Backward hat was playing any A and hitting them. Little Gus Hansen went out quite early. He was busted on a number of hands by either Backwards Hat or Tired Guy. He finally chucked it all in on a flopped straight. But a 10 hit the board and Backward Hat sent Little Gus home. I took down a small pot when my 5 5 quickly became a set on the flop. I bet it out and nobody wanted a piece of it. OCC and Twins fan's lady quickly bailed. I would have the Hilton Sisters broken up by K J. Problem there was I didn't fire the second bullet. I may have taken it down if I kept firing as Tired Guy thought I had Big Slick. When the A hit the river, he may have laid it down. But I would have had to keep firing away. I tried to get away with Q 10 suited twice. The first time I limped but folded to a large bet instead of going for the gutshot straight (wouldn't have hit it). Next time I raised it up just to have Gramps go all in on the flop. Backward Hat's trip 9s ended up winning when he showed A 9.

A new guy came to the table and started talking about this site. I basically played ignorant about it. I hope he didn't think I was blowing him off. I appreciate that people read this, but I rather not talk about it at the table. Away from the table is fine, but not at the table. I would rather keep what little anonymity is left here. Then again, anyone can truly figure out who is doing this by paying a bit of attention to what the results are. Soon other new people would be added. One dude looked like a little boy. He seemed so small that at first I thought he may have been an elf. But Lord of the Rings had chips and wasn't afraid to use them. I survived one hand when I went all in from the big blind with A 9 and beat deuces. But by the time the blinds got around to me again, I had to push. Elf raised to 4k and was called in mid position by another. I raised it 400 more with K Q. I had a chance to triple and this seemed as good as any other opportunity. Flop came K 10 4, two diamonds. Mid position bet out and the early raiser folded. Mid position showed A A. Turn was an A. Only a jack would help me but the river was a 3. I was down and out of a very unmomentous (is that even a word?) tournament. I finished somewhere in the high 20s or so. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

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