Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The disconnect truly sucks

I like the layout at Pokerroom. But it seems that when they upgraded the look of the tables, the software was screwed up. The play can be choppy and slow. Worse yet, it can freeze on you. That happened to me tonight playing the SnGs.

The night started off bad. In the first $10, I was doing pretty good. I was sitting second with 7 left when I caught K K in the small blind. A couple players limped in to the button. He raised it to 200. I took it upstairs to 350, hoping to get the button to play with me. But the big blind pushes all in. Huh? Not what I expected. The button folds (he said he had A K). I call and see he has A Q. I am in great shape. Flop comes a bunch of rags. No sweat. Turn is a Q. I ain't scared. River is a Q. WTF? Runner runner takes me down. I am in shock, but not out. I still have around 500 left. But I can't believe anyone would call a raise and re-raise with A Q offsuit. Not a great move.

Later, to rub salt in the would, he calls my J J all in with A 9 off and hits the A on the river. The jerk probably went on to win. I took a deep breath and went to the next table. There I puttered around for half an hour, slowly building up just to give it away. I catch a nice run of cards to be in the top half. It was funny how we lost players. The first 4 went right away as people gambled on draws that didn't hit. When we were at 6, there were 3 stacks less than 1000 and 3 stacks above 3000. I had managed to get above the 3000 mark. I get A 7 on the button. One small stack had limped. I wasn't concerned about him because he wasn't that good. I looked at the big blind and bet out enough to make him fold or go all in. He went all in. But the limper then re-raised all in. It was only another 105 so I have to call. One shows K J while the other has A J. Flop comes 7 A 7- jackpot!!! Two down, 1 more to go.

Two hands later, the small stack just calls. I fold in the small blind. The big blind just checks. Flop comes A K 5. BB checks. Small stack bets half of his stack. BB pushes all in and gets called. Small stack shows K 5 for two pair. BB shows A A for the set. To polish it off, he gets the case ace on the river. Big fireworks to knock people out. I caught some nice cards from there and went on to take first. Nice to be at a profit.

So what should one do when profitable? Play some more. How about the 20 table? Sure, I would still be up even if I don't get in the money.

This table was interesting. Very aggressive. We lost 2 players within the first orbit. I take down some small hands but don't seem to get anywhere. I get up to about 2000 just to get smacked down on a steal here and there.

We get down to 5 players when tragedy strikes! My window just disappears! I try to get the window back up but it doesn't automatically take me to the table like it should. I go through the list and find it. It opens back up. I have just 1092 left and the blinds are 150-300. I can't afford to not play. But nothing is happening. I am getting no response. Ok. Relax. Close the window and restart in a new window again. But the window won't close. I try everything and it will not close. The program doesn't want to end. Shit! Finally I try to reboot. It takes what seems like an hour for everything to sort itself out and finally it shuts down.

I get it rebooted and go back to the poker table. I pray I have something left. I do! I am in the big blind with Q 10. I have 4 left!!! The flop had come out 10 high. I push all in. Yes, all 4 go in!!! Hey, I am a gambler. There is just over 600 in the pot. My pair of 10s hold up. Sweet! Next hand, I get K K and push again. The big stack, or should I say huge stack, is over 12000. The other 2 guys left have less than 1000. I have a chance to still make the money. My K K close to triples me up. Now, I am in second place. I take a shot to knock a guy out from the big blind by calling his last 105. He shows A 9 to me 5 3 suited. A hit a 5 on the flop, but he catches the A on the river. No, not this again!

Then this same guys pulls a stupid move a couple hands later. Once again, I am in the big blind, he the small. After posting, he has 252 left. Blinds are 200/400. I have some crap hand and he just calls. No push? I think something may be up. Flop comes and hits my crap with a pair but on the low end. He checks, as do I. Turn is no help to me, but I think I may have a good hand. Still he has 52 left after calling. I bet to push him all in. He folds. Huh? Stupidest play I have seen in a while. Next hand he is gone and I am in the money. Plus, I have a chance for second. Ok, not really as I push on A 2 and lose pathetically to a set.

But after all that frustration, I was just happy to get logged back in and gt paid. That worked out well in the end.

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