Thursday, January 27, 2005

A high level of suckage

Last week was good to me. Very good.

This week has been bad. Very bad.

I made the money in 1 tournament out of 10. Yep, just one.

Today was the icing on the cake. Without any cards to play, I get sucked out twice on the river to go out. Each time when the cards went runner runner for them to win.

Especially when I limp in with 6 6. One caller. Flop comes 8 A A. I bet to see where I might be. The other player calls. Turn is a 6. Great. I fill my boat by I have the dummy end. I check just in case. Stupid move. I should show I have an A as well, just in case he doesn't. He bet out the majority of my chips. Great again. I re-raise all in. Now he goes into the tank and takes a while to call. He shows 9 9. I am ahead! I am going to double up! Uh, no. An A hits the river and I am gone in 4th.

That hurts.

Then I play a 5 man tournament for shits and giggles. I was curious to see the payouts. It pays the top 2 so I am guessing $30, $20 or maybe $35, $15. I go out in 3rd when some guy, who is playing ATC and raising every hand, plays 8 3 off and hits a set on the turn. Though I flopped top pair, aces, and bet it aggressively, he stayed in with his pair of 8s.

That sucks.

So of course I then go to a $20 SnG. Why not lose more money quicker? I aggresively play A J and have one guy calling down all bets. He then bets out the river with a bunch of rags on the board. He must have caught his set. I dump 600 to start. I bleed some more. I steal some blinds from early position with K Q off but it is still very ugly.

Part of what sucks is there are some very loose players at the table. One guy called two raise with 9 8 off. He proceeds to hit his set of 9s on the flop and slow plays it well. Shit, I could clean up on this table with some decent cards.

But I haven't seen decent cards all week. The best I have had tonight is K K. Once. Before that, A Q twice.

I believe the best move I can make is to walk away. I think I am done for the week. Get away and regroup. The weekend looks rather busy so that may work in my favor.

Suddenly, returning to Badger Poker looks appealing.

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