Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Two tables, $22 dollars, $2 loss

Played on a nice roller coaster last night at Pokerroom. I had to get that bad taste out of my mouth from Sunday night. I wish I had more information save up for this blog. I just recall having 7 7 on the first hand and raising it up to 75 (10/20 blinds) and having 5 callers. Hmm...Flop comes 3 5 J. In mid position I bet out 250 and get 3 callers. Oh great! Turn is a 3. I figure someone out of all these callers has to have a J or a bigger pair. So I just check. It checks around. River is a 3. Now I have a full house, albeit not the nuts. But a value bet looks good so I bet out 400. One guy calls and I win a huge pot. It would be needed as I hardly got a good hand after that.

I did yo yo quite a bit from there. I noticed one guy who chipped up pretty well was playing every hand. No matter what he had, he was in. If it was suited, and he flopped a draw, he was in to the river so matter what the bet was. Hell, he was playing bottom pair and calling it down, sometimes sucking out on the river. I like that kind of player because the majority of the time I can let him collect chips and get a chunk with one good hand. Unfortunately, they can suck out on you too.

Though I had a nice starting stack to start, I would end up dumping a bit to a flush suckout. I built it back up just to come back down. When we were down to 4, I hit it well on a 6 3 from the big blind that flopped me two pair and an A. His A J went down in flames and I was in the money. One other loose player was still in the game. I liked that thought and should have knocked him out. He barely had more than I did at 3400. When I saw A Q, I raised it to 1500 knowing there was a good chance he would try to steal it away. Sure enough, he pushed and showed Q 8. You know that 8 would hit on the river and I would be done. Yeah, 3rd makes a bit of money but I still hate going out on a crap hand.

Similiar thing happened on the second table, except I couldn't catch a hand to save my life. For a half hour, I caught nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was worse when we got down to 5 and one guy was stealing blinds left and right. You can't defend with J 2 off. But when you don't play many hands, you can pretty much get paid when you do catch one. Cowboys kept me afloat as did Big Slick on back to back hands.

What was sad is that some players still do not understand putting pressure on the small stacks when you are huge. One guy had 6300 in the small blind while the big blind had 600. You push him in on any two cards! This guy wouldn't. You have to try and knock them out. Doubling to 1200 won't matter as the blinds are still big.

But as I said, I was tired of having my blinds stolen from me so I tried to go on the offensive. On the button I had Q 10 off and raised it up to 1200, just twice the big blind. Though it was half my stack, there is a good chance that he will fold or play a weaker hand. The big blind was a wuss. Instead he pushed. Having half my chips in, I am committed and must call. He has A J spades. Ugh! What a bad time to steal. Done in 4th.

Overall I was pleased though. Stayed patient and read people well. If one card hits in the first game, I have a small profit. Looks like the 20 SnG may have to wait a bit.

I see Badger Poker has started up again. The locations are too convenient for me except for Stenys. Long Wongs is a nice bar and I will probably go out there some Tuesday. As for now, I am contemplating Stenys. Those games are so bad that they are fun to right about the goofballs in them. I just may have to go back for at least one a week.


Ignatious said...

damnit, where's my link? :)

The Yeti said...

you sound like a poker master

i don't really know you but do you have a job or shit or do you just play poker

that'd be a decent job...

are you playing real or comp poker?