Monday, January 17, 2005

It was all a blur

That is what happened on Saturday. I was doing ok. Just above average for chips. I knew that if I could double up, I would be in a great position to cruise and run over some players. The two people to my right were aggressive but over valued a lot of hands. I knew that I could get their chips if I was patient.

I was UTG+1. The gun had limped. I saw A Q suited and jacked it up the size of the pot. I expected everyone to fold with the possible exception of the big blind. He played a lot. It did fold to the blinds. Only the limper called. Flop came J 8 4. Limper checked. I bet 2000, just over half the pot. He called. Turn is an A. He checked again. My read is that he may have a J, or K K at best. I know I have the best hand right now.

He does not have a set. Or does he? I think of what hands would warrant the pre-flop call. A high pair that he hit on the flop and is slow playing. A J. Possible. K J. Playable. I settled that he had K J. So I know my aces are good and I push all in.

He calls.

And shows Q J off. WTF? Not only did he call preflop, but when the over card comes out, he commits with second pair.

Fantastically stupid. Until the river is a J. For all practical purposes, I am done.

From there, it was an afternoon of tilt. And whisky. Lots of whisky. I had a couple of beers during the tourney. When the bad beat hit me, I quickly drank what I had left.

From there on, it was just a bottle of Maker's Mark. Or at least it was a bottle of Maker's Mark. That went down rather quickly. Well, actually it was a couple of hours and more poker games. I started to hit the SnG with reckless abandon. And I wasn't doing just $10 tables. I was hitting the $20s. I put some Anthrax on the player and went to war.

Talk about a way to just throw out a bankroll that you are slowly building up. Out of 4, I came in 3rd just once. In each of the other 3, I came in 4th. Two because of runner runner flushes and straights.

I finally did the smart thing. I closed one eye so I could see the cards better. Good. Now there are only 2. I went all in, lost, and turned off the pc. I stumbled to the couch and watched Badger hockey.

I would see the true damage the next day. I am back where I started. Not too bad, but not good. Back to the drawing board.

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