Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Project SnG...I said I wasn't going to play the $5 multi

But then again, I felt it was just $6. I hadn't really planned to play poker but when I logged in I just couldn't help get sucked in by a multi. It was starting in 3 minutes and if I was out quickly, it was no big deal. I would approach it like Badger Poker and see what happens.

I noticed what I consider an ugly trend in poker. People slow playing big hands preflop. Not raising the pot at all. Worst part about this is the bitching and moaning you hear when they lose. Now, I am not one to talk during these sessions, but when someone misplays a big hand by being fancy, I am happy to tell them it was their fault they screwd up a good hand. One clown I noticed at my first table was some dope going by Big Dawg. Not only was he slow playing, but he was also playing extremely aggressive. I was in the small blind (15/30) with Q 9 clubs. I see the flop with 5 others (see, just like Badger Poker). Flop comes 5 Q 2. I bet out my top pair about 3/4 of the pot. One guy calls before BigDawg raises. I call it but the other one folds. Turn is a 9. Sweet. I bet out 400 and get raised again. With just 415 left, I push all in with my two pair. I think it is the best hand. Sure enough, he shows A K. Even the A on the river gives him the loser. This dope boosts me up to 3235 and a chip lead at the table.

Next clown gives me chips when he continues to bet stupid numbers. If he had 2173 total chips, he would raise to 173. If he had 3306, he would raise to 306. Anything to have an even amount of chips. Any time I had something decent, I knew to raise him for two reasons. One, he would fold because he didn't want his chip total to be uneven. Two, he would call but fold on the flop. My K K got an extra 500 out of him doing just that. No flop of 4 10 9 was going to help him.

I hit one monster hand with A J. I limped in with blinds at 75/150. One guy raised, there is a reraise. Hmm...for 300 more I have a chance at a 1125 pot. I call to see the flop of J J Q. Bingo. I put out a small bet and get raised. I push all in and get called!!! He shows A Q. No help and I go over 9k in chips.

I am chipping up nicely. At the break, I am sitting in 9th out of the starting 355. First place is $444. I guess that isn't bad for a $5 buy in. Unfortunately the second hour would be brutal. I was over $10k in chips but stopped catching hands. I took down a small pot with J J. But the success I had with A J comes back to haunt me. I raised it UTG to 3xs the blind and get one guy to call. This guy is playing every hand. Bet the flop and you usually get him to fold. So I did, (flop was J 10 3) but he re-raised. I pushed all in with TPTK. He called and showed the pocket 10s for the set. Devasting blow. I am down to 4k with about 80 players left. I should have just called and checked on the turn. I should have taken it easy and played aggresively at the right time with the right players.

The tourney pays 40 spots. I am around 55 after the bad play so it isn't totally bad. I need to double up but don't have to worry about doing it soon. I move up a bit with 9 9, but then get cold decked for 45 minutes. Blinds are going up and I am not catching cards. Thankfully, the number of people left is shrinking. And players are getting tighter as we near the money. Before I know it, there are 45 people left and I am still hanging in on the bubble. The second break comes and I have about 3800 left. There are 41 people.

Another problem with hitting the bubble is that the tight and low stacks, get tighter and slower. This is the time where people take their time, hoping the cards go around fast on another table so they can fall into the money. That is one move I do not do. I take a couple of seconds to act but I don't let the time get to the end. You may say I am not helping my cause but I say that kind of play is crap. Either you have faith in playing or stay away from the table.

About 5 hands into the third hour, the 41st guy is done. Right after that, I catch 2 2 UTG and push. Why not? This hand just won a good size pot with a set on the flop. But everyone folds around. Nice! But I only last 6 more spots and go out in 34th. Get $13 for my effort. I like getting my money back but the $5 tourney pay big in the top 5 only.

So I come back on Tuesday and go back to the $10 table and come in 3rd to catch $20. Should have done better but one guy kept going short stacked and catching whatever cards he needed to stay alive. Amazing. He could go in with 5 2 against your A K and catch a 2 on the river for the win. Sometimes you just have the cards against you. Only thing to do is walk away with a small profit.

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