Sunday, January 09, 2005

So, after watching a Packer debacle

I figure lets go home and try to play drunk. At first, it is pretty good. I log in and watch some people play some pretty bad cards. Like when the guy who had A A made a min raise just to let the dope with K 2 hit his set on the river. Damn stupid play by the aces.

That gives me a good idea on how the table may be. At least at first. I catch cowboys in mid position and of course raise (unlike the dipshit with the aces who gave the min raise) 4 times the big blind. Best part is 4 people call. Yahoo! Flop comes K 9 7. Cha ching! One guy goes all in! Oh my Lord, I have hit the motherload. I quickly call to see his K 10 and can't help to think how stupid that play was.

Unfortunately for me, I would get sucked out a half dozen hands later. I just called the bet of 100 from the small blind with A Q. There were 4 others in the hand and I figured someone has a good pair. Flop comes A K 3. I bet out half the pot to see where I am. I get two callers. Ok. Turn is a 5. I push all in because I am damn certain I have the best hand. Sure enough, I do as the one caller has A J. But he spikes his J on the river. Shit!

I may seem down but I am just back where I started. I bluff one out with a limp of 8 7 off. Flop comes A J A. I bet the pot and the other 3 fold. Nice. A couple of hands later my A Q suited will pay off for a small pot when the flop hits Q high.

I take down two small pots after that mainly because the table becomes pretty tight. My next score comes from the blinds. I have 3 5 in the big blind and see the flop for free. It comes A 3 2. Hey, I have been drinking so I feel a bit froggy and bet it out. I get one caller. Hmmm... Turn is a Q. Heck, I bet it once, let's do it again. Put out 200. Called. River is a 5. Wow! I bet out 500 because I know if this dope has an A, he will raise it. Sure enough, he raises and I call to take down his A 8. I like it when people over play their aces.

A number of hands later I play out a nice bluff with J 10 when the flop comes A high. I bet it out and the same dope who got lucky on the river with his A J folded. I collect some more chips just by being aggressive with any good hands and betting the flop. Table is stil tight and I am trying to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, I can't shake some crappy play by some people. That a-hole who sucked out with his A J is being a pain in the ass. I am running this table and this dickweed doesn't think about that. I limp in with A 7 and this dope calls. I bet the flop of 7 10 6. He calls. Turn is a 9. There is no flush so I bet it out. He calls. River is a 6 so I push all in. Dickweed calls with J 10 off and takes down the pot. How he can do that I don't know.

But that little bastard would do it to me again with that damn J 10 off. In the big blind I raise it up with A J after two people limp in. Dickweed calls. Flop comes J 10 3 rainbow. I bet 100. He calls. Turn is a 2. I bet 2000 and he raises all in. I call it thinking this dipshit can't have anything better than K J. No, the damn J 10 off again. He called a big raise with J 10 off. Pissed me off. Yeah, I should have folded to the re-raise but there is no reason for him to see that flop. I am so on tilt that I need a beer. I should have made the money but go out in 4th.

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