Sunday, February 19, 2006

Full Tilt 60k guarantee

Played the Full Tilt 60k guarantee. There were 457 players including Erick Lindgren, Layne Flack and Quiet Lion. I noticed something different right away when they started us with 2000 in chips. I am hoping to make some money today.

In the 2nd hand I am dealt A Qs in the SB. I raise to 100. BB makes it 300. Flop comes 3 4 6, two clubs. I bet 300 and get pushed all in. WTF? I hope this isn't how this is going to be as I fold.

Next I get 6 6 and raise it up to get one caller. I bet the Q high flop and get raised another 300. I call. On the turn, my opponent pushed. I fold. I have given up 1500 in chips already. Not the way I want to start. Maybe I should have made the “Fuck it” call and tossed my chips in. But that isn’t how I want to go out.

BB comes around and I get dealt A 10. UTG had min raised. Smells like A A. One caller and me see a flop of 8 7 5, 2 diamonds. My A is a diamond. Surpringly it checks around. The turn is a diamond, the 4. Checks around again. River is the 6 of diamonds. I have the nut flush but not the nuts. UTG checks. The other player bets the pot. I push with just 120 more, figuring I would see my opponent turn over the straight flush. Instead, he just has the K. I am back to 1000.

Now I plan to play extra tight. Fold K Qs to a raise. I watch a player call bets down on an A high flop just to hit their set of 9s on the river. Person betting never bet high enough to protect their pair of aces. I find this encouraging.

I get Q Q soon enough. UTG limped so I raised it to 250. It fold around to the limper. He calls. Flop looks good to me 2 7 8, two diamonds. He pushes. I kinda expected that. I call and see A K diamonds. Great. Of course it is the Q of diamonds that hits on the turn and I am done in 374. Just had absolutely nothing going for me today. No luck. Oh well, there is next time, I guess.

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

errr..thanks poker. How deep was that...haha!