Wednesday, February 08, 2006


If I would post a picture of me on this site, it would have to be with my arms extended outward, with my hands up. That way, I can easily take my ass as it is handed to me.

The last 10 SnG tables have been UGLY. After winning the first, I then finished out of the money on the next 8. I finished in 3rd to end the losing streak.

I don't feel I necessarily played that bad. I did play one pretty damn stupid. But for the most part, I may have just played too tight. Time and again I went out 4th or 5th. Got short stacked and just couldn't recover. Yeah, there were some suckouts but that is only an excuse.

Yet I am still encouraged. The number of mind boggling plays I have seen is phenomonal. The concept of the weak kicker is very foreign to many players still. So is chasing the gutshot straight. Thus I still feel the experiment will be very profitable.

I need to tweak my game. I think I am playing the SnGs more like a MTT. I need to loosen up a bit and collect chips faster, especially when the price is right.


Bloody P said...

I've had the same problem in the SNGs. I play too tight, realize that I'm way behind by the time there are only 5 people left and have to race to double up just to even have a shot at the money.

Last week, I bubbled out more than 8 times because I left myself shortstack instead of actually "gambling" with a decent hand.

Good luck, yo. I like your blog a lot.

Bloody P

StB said...

Thanks P. Yeah, playing tight for too long in SnGs is deadly.

You cannot sit around waiting too long. Last night I went about 4 orbits without playing a hand. With 5 people left, that got to be ridiculous. I can't take a stand with K 2 off or Q 3, but you sometimes need to get aggressive with A x and take a chance.

Falstaff said...

When I'm playing SNGs, I frequently don't play a single hand the first level, and maybe not more than 2 in the second, but then I start to use the same starting hand requirements as for bubble time in MTTs, any suited aces for cheap, soooted connectors & high one-gappers, stuff like that. Either that or I try to double up early and wait until the morons are gone.

vegaas said...

I play alot of SnG's. What seems to work best is to play very tight the first two levels, then get really aggresive once you have reached the 3rd level and you are down to 6 handed.

StB said...

From watching my own play, I notice I am losing the aggression factor when I should be turning it up.

It is hard when every hand seems to be K 2 or Q 3 or J 4.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

you are no longer the hombre.