Monday, February 13, 2006

No smoker

I didn't play in the church game on Friday night. Got drunk instead. But for some stupid reason I did sign up to play in a "fund raiser" game at the bar that would benefit the softball teams. Benefit the softball teams is about all it was good for.

The structure and payout of the tournament was absolutely terrible. The level of play was crappy with luck being more of a factor than skill. I did ok but made two terrible moves that knocked me out.

With about 36 people playing, for some reason they had 6 tables of 6, instead of 4 tables of 9. None of this was explained on the signup sheets either which ticked me off. I believe we started with a total of 1200 in chips. Blinds started at 25/50 and would double every half hour. But with 6 at a table, they came around quickly. Plus, it was a rebuy tournament as well, another fact omitted to us. Personally, I hate rebuy tournies as they give the morons more a chance to get lucky. This rebuy was even worse in my opinion. They allowed rebuys for the first hour and a half, which only got you an extra 1000. By the end of the rebuy period, blinds were at 200/400. Why would you rebuy at that level?

They never did consolidate to one large table. They kept the going at 5 or 6 all the way through. With blinds at 400/800, I made the first of my bad moves. The guy on my right liked to raise with total crap. If he was going all in or making a 3xs raise, he had nothing. Knowing that, I made a call with A 8 suited. What I didn't know was my friend Jodi (who would end up in 2nd- CONGRATS AGAIN!), had only 200 more left behind the 1200 raise. If I had realized that, I wouldn't have called. I knew I had him beat, but I wasn't sure I would be ahead of her when she quickly called. Sure enough, her A J suited held up.

A couple of hands later, I made another move on the same guy out of the big blind with K 10. with 25% of my stack in as the BB, I went all in over his raise. UTG had limped and I figured I may take it down right there. But the UTG looked and decided to call. He flopped a set of deuces and took down the pot and knocking me out. How the hell do you limp with deuces, and then call a raise and re-raise? I really shouldn't have played the hand to begin with. I should have folded and wait another round.

But in the end it really wasn't worth it. I believe second play paid $150 or $190 or something like that. First I think was $350. With the final table being paid, they pocketed a portion the buyins and basically all the rebuys, which I know there was a number of. At my table alone, there 9. I am willing to bet they kept more than what they paid out.

Now, I don't mind them making money for their softball teams, but I would like to know exactly how much the teams are making. It just seemed like there was a lot of basic information withheld about what was going on. If you had told me it was a short handed tournament and a rebuy, I may have not played. At the very least, I would have gone in with a different strategy.

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