Monday, February 20, 2006

SnGs- how some beats are killing me

Did pretty well over the last 10 SnGs. Monied in 6 of 10. 2 first, 3 second, 1 third. Not shabby.

Better yet, in each I have gotten my chips in with the best of them. That is all you can ask for. But the cards aren't always going to hit the board in your favor. I have had runner runner again and again to beat me. I can handle that.

The one beat that always sucks is when your pocket pair is defeated by someone playing A x. I don't mean be defeated by a pair of aces. I mean when the board double pairs and you lose by the A kicker. That is a swift gift to the family jewels.

The next 10 are under way and you can tell I am not off to a good start. The last one was the beat by the A. I felt good about the game too until my K K was cracked by Q Q. The guy even said I probably had A A or K K but he called my re-raise of his re-raise anyways. I had chips after that and was making a run until by pocket deuces were cracked by the A kicker.

Guess, I will go back to Full Tilt for a bit and win some tokens. That always makes me feel better.


Bloody P said...

I feel ya, brother.

I was in a big online tourney this afternoon. With about 700 people left, I was chip leader by a pretty big margin.

I got dealt QQ on the button and raised 3X the big blind. One limper behinds me re-raises all in. I think about it and call.

My QQ vs. his 99. He catches a 9 on the flops and steals (STEALS!) about $14K in chips from me. The rat bastard.

I still ran OK, and finished 48th overall (top 130 out of 1000 entrants were in the money). That beat just took the wind out of my sails, I think.

Just those junk twisting beats that make you want to kill your dog.

Nice work on the SnGs, tho. I've almost officially given up on them.

StB said...

I think what gets me, is that is not just a bad beat, but a terrible play on their part. Terrible. Most of the time it is a coin flip at best.

Bloody P said...

I agree. To push with 99 to my re-raise of his re-raise didn't make sense to me. At the time, he was about average stack, so he could have folded down pocket nines and still have been ok. He may have put me on AK or KQ. But a big re-raise to his re-raise should have screamed 'monster'.

I know I'm new at this poker thang, but damn, I would have folded down Jacks or lower if I were that guy.

Well, back to more junk kicking!

Drizztdj said...

I have $1K left at FTP, I think I'll do nothing play token tourneys with it.