Friday, February 17, 2006

On a mission

Right now I am sitting back and drinking. I have a mission to complete. Plus it is cold outside. Let's see if I can win some money tonight. At the least, I will be reading what is going on at the LA Poker Classic. You should too. Go read Dr. Pauly!

I came in 2nd in a SnG. My opponent got lucky twice by having a bigger pocket pair than mine. I don't hit my outs and I end up just marginally richer.

Currently I am in the middle of a satellite to a $60k guarantee on Full Tilt. Doing good. 37 players were entered. There is one player though that has me close to tilting. Guy always calls my preflop raise. Always. No matter what. He then calls me down and usually hits something on the river.

Makes me feel like Rodney Dangerfield. No respect!

With 12 left, I am in 1st place. Top 4 go on to the next level. I am stealing when the opportunity is right.

Antes just kicked in. Time to kick it up a notch on the steal factor, especially with still just 6 at a table. After what seems like forever, we are at the final table. Currently I am in second. Need to keep my status. Time to play tight.

Just pulled off one of my favorite moves. 4 people limp to me in the big blind. I pop it the size of the pot and watch each one reluctantly fold. Of course it doesn't hurt to have A Ks. But I like to do that with any good calling hand. With all those limpers, you know they have marginal hands at best. The UTG guy is the only one who scares me as I have been burned by the limp re-raise with A A move many times.

Patience pays off when A A comes around. On the button, it folds to me. I raise it pot just to make it look like a button steal. BB calls. Nice. I then make a small bet on a 4 4 2 flop hoping to keep him along but he folds. Still, the pot was nice and puts me over 10k in chips.

Just about got into it with the chip leader. He limped in the cutoff. From the SB I made it 2k to go. BB folded but my opponent called. With a flop of J 6 7, I bet half the pot. He took his time before folding. My guess is he is playing any ace right now. 7 left and I am back on top.

I basically hold my own for a couple orbits. We are at 5 now and there are two stubborn short stacks hanging around. Funny part is one of them is a former chip leader who totally blew a hand and got crippled.

Well it is over. I took matter into my own hands and took out the last small stack. My A K held up over his A Q when I hit my K on the flop. He had a chance with a Q on the turn but the K on the river said I was playing for a piece of 60 grand on Sunday!


Bloody P said...

Nice work, yo.

StB said...

Thanks P! Hopefully I can follow up on Sunday with the same kind of performance.