Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cards weren't smokin

The smoker was all that I expected it to be. Bad players, bad plays, and unfortunately bad cards. Not quite sure how I lasted 2 hours without dragging a single pot. I think it was the break for dinner that made it feel like I was there longer than I needed to be.

I know that I saw 3 flops. I opened with a bet just once (with A Jo ) and had to fold to a re-raise that would have committed me (he had K K). Other than that I saw a flop from the big blind and I limped with J 10 on the button once. Didn't win a single pot. Didn't see a pocket pair all night. Didn't do much beside take up space.

It was frustrating to say the least. In the first orbit, A A showed up 3 times. In each instance, I thought they were poorly misplayed. On the first hand, 2 limpers so the guy limped as well- no raise. He ended up losing to a rivered straight. He bet the flop, checked the turn, and called a river bet. I was laughing inside at how he played that hand. Laughing and licking my chops.

The second time, same thing happened. A loose passive guy had them. He was luckier than CJ last night. He did the same thing. No preflop raise- just called- and made only one bet after the flop. His aces held up though. Then the guy who got them on the first hand got aces again on the 5th hand and limped. He dragged a little pot.

I was shocked to not only see aces that many times right away but at how bad they played the hands. In fact, it wasn't until the second orbit that someone raised preflop. This table was very passive. I was very pissed that I couldn't take advantage of it.

I got blinded down with very little play. When all was said and done I went in with A 2 and just twice the BB. Loose guy calls with Q J. Has two pair on the flop and then a full house on the turn. IGHN.

I did make some money playing in a SnG afterwards so the evening was profitable. My friend Brian cashed in 8th so that was good too.

But if only I could have had some decent hands to play. This is such an easy field. I know I will be back.

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