Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am a Stud

What: WPBT-POY Seven-card Stud Event
When: Sunday April 30th at 9:30pm EST
Where: Poker Stars
Tourney Info: #21991049 (Look under Private tab)
How Much: $20 + 2
Password: wpbt72Attire: Pants optional

Lifted straight from Dr. Pauly's site is the reminder above. Since I sent Pauly to the rail on Monday, I figure I can help make a donation come Sunday in his effort to final tabling in the Stud event.

What do I know about Stud? Very little. About the same as Omaha and look what happened with that. So I will go with the tried and true formula. I will pick up Phil Hellmuth's book on Sunday and read all about Stud strategy. If possible, I will play a warm up SnG on Stars before the tournament. Do they even have Stud SnGs?

That would be something though. To win a Stud event after reading Hellmuth's book. Can lightening strike twice?


Drizztdj said...

If you win the Stud tourney from Hellmuth's advice, I will mail this half-used Hellmuth calendar for you soak up platnium advice like today's listing:

"Dont book small "toothpick" like wins, if you're going to lose the whole "lumberyard" in one play!"

I hate Rini and wish I'd never bust him in December

Easycure said...

You've been playing like a Stud, so maybe that's why Biggestron chose a game named after you.

Find out who Jennifer Harmon's favorite poker blogger is and make sure she sees you bust that person out while she's watching over Pauly's shoulder. She'll want to come kick your ass and then you can buy her a beer.