Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not happy

I am going to focus on playing some more tournaments instead of ring games. Just part of my indecisive nature right now. Doesn't help that I am getting knocked around a bit in the ring games.
I made the money in the Full Tilt 5k yesterday. But I wasn't happy. 14 was ok, but I played rather crappily. Two hands in particular pissed me off. One where I raised with K J off (yeah, I know) UTG and was re-raised. I knew I was so beat and was going to fold. But then I thought "let's see a flop" and made the call. It totally misses me and I fold. But I put 4000 in for what?

In another hand I set my bluff up and didn't execute. From the big blind, I called a min-raise. Flop came with 2 diamonds. I checked and called the min bet. Another diamond on the turn. I bet out, bluffing the flush. I bet 3/4 of the pot. He thinks and calls. River is a blank. Instead of firing away, I checked. He checked behind and showed two pair. I don't think he would have called a bet there. I was so pissed at myself. I set up the bluff and didn't execute.

Today I played better but got sucked out on. What is with all the limp-call the big raise with a small pair shit going on? Makes no sense. Some schmuck cracked my Hiltons with his pair of 3s when he flopped a set. I had kept an eye on the guy for over an hour and knew how to play him. He was in practically every hand and folded to raises. But how do you call with a pair of 3s?

I think this has convinced me that there is no such thing as table image online. I have watched people play maybe 1 hand every half hour. Each time they have monsters. But people are calling their bets and sucking out. Amazing how bad it can be. It is brutal to watch.

Quite strange. To play bad and make some money. To play much better and get knocked out by a clown. Man, do I hate this game!

Come play EasyCure's Hammer out Cancer tourney tomorrow at Full Tilt. It is for a great cause!


CJ said...

I wholly support the limp-call manuever with small and medium pairs. The potential payoff for a set is HUGE. When my M is at least 10, I will call up to 10% of may stack with a small or medium pair.

StB said...

I still disagree. Why put your chips in when you are most likely a big underdog? Especially with some pairs. Mid pairs can be different depending on the player who is raising. But to toss in a lot of chips with a tiny pair, hoping to hit the jackpot is a losing propisiton. I guess I am on the conservative side.