Monday, April 17, 2006

A good run

Made a good run in EasyCure's tournament to Hammer Out Cancer last night. Finished 7th and barely made back some money. Beside winning it (of course!), I was hoping to make enough money where I would donate some money to the cause after getting my entry back. Instead, I barely got my entry back for 7th. The classy Dr. Pauly did donate half of what he won for coming in 2nd. The good doctor. One very charitable dude.

Must also give props to Frankl for winning. Nice job! Beside congratulating him for his victory, check out the half nekkid women. You know you will be adding it to your favorites now.

Finally, thank Biggestron for all the WPBT POY work he does. I have clawed back to the top of the leaderboard. Lucky for me the year ends after the DADI event on the 24th. The trophy is all locked up in my greedy little paws!

Wait, you mean it goes for all of 2006? Uh..yeah, I knew that.

I was quite happy with my play last night. I took my time with playing some hands instead of rushing in to satisfy my action jones. I chipped up a bit just to give it all back with some loose calls. I had my aces cracked the first two times they arrived. I feel lucky that I was up against small stacks only at the time. Aces continue to be just what they are. A 33% favorite. It wasn't until the 3rd time they arrived that they help up. That got me into the game and help propel me to the final table. A fourth time didn't hurt either.

If only my A Ko would have held up on BG's A 10. I would have been in position to win. With about 9300 left and blinds 500/1000, I just raised pot from the button. My thought was that if I pushed, it would look like a strong hand (my thinking at least). I decided to just raise pot to make it look like a steal, hoping I would be called by a weak ace. It appeared to work as BG pushed. I liked seeing A 10, but not liking went away with the flopped 10. Oh well.

I found myself replaying the hand in my head. If I push, will I get called. Yes, I am pretty sure he would have called. I would have called from the BB too in that position. Thus it wouldn't have really mattered. I do think that pushing was the right way to go now. A Ko is strong but it needs help to win.

As always, it was a good time playing. This tournies are more competitive that most I see. The skill set is always on the rise. If you don't bring your A game, you won't be around for long.

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lucko said...

Don't get to comfortable at the top, DADI is only a week away. I am planning on regaining my rightful place as the top donkey.

LOL, nice job, should be a fun battle in the coming weeks.